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Internet strikes back: Anonymous' Operation Megaupload explained

20.01.2012 01:30

Federal agents executed a crackdown on the files sharing website Megaupload on Thursday. The response, you could say, was not minor.

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kretek 18.11.2013 08:28

SOPA was destined to die prematurely. It is alive and has tubes running in its nostrils to keep it alive.


kretek 18.11.2013 08:22

The legal provisions created by lawyers "for and in favor of" Music Moguls and supported (legislation) with the help of their cronies ( lobbyists) are now rendered in ruins. A law may have fault and although laws are created for the common good, all laws are not without fault.


kretek 18.11.2013 08:15

What a fantastic heading to the story:

Inte rnet Strikes Back.


kretek 18.11.2013 08:12

The "legal extortion" by the so-called legitimate sales sites that want to extort "legal fees" on your purchase when you try to make additional copy of a 1960 movie as a back up. You can lend someone the movie that you purchased but you cannot make a copy? or lend that copy to a friend? And that is when the vultures will nip you hard. Annonymous is great.


marioC 14.11.2013 03:10

I believe that anonymous incorporates a voice that for sometime now may have been silent. and despite what some may say, they do embody an American spirit, the spirit to do something, to feel something collectively, and right or wrong actively move towards opposing the opposition


marioC 14.11.2013 03:04

what is illegal by means of governmental law and what is commonly excepted as a community whole is something of cultural view point, but under corporate greed and passive lobbying for profiteering a seemingly legitimate law to follow may be un-lawful to the will of those that feel it to be non-legitimate


Mikado Hikyuu 13.11.2013 18:10

So, criminals wanting to keep illegal sharing sites in operation, attack legitimate online sites... which group poses more of an actual threat to the average online comsumer? The government that wants to sanction certain illegal but common online practices, or the vigilante group whose only real actions have been virtual vandalism?


Mikado Hikyuu 13.11.2013 18:10

Hackers / hacktivists CREATE the REAL threat to online service, which gives the actual controllers all of the incentive and raises support from the general public for MORE sanctions and MORE controls to be put in place to maintain the internet FROM such groups as Anonymous. File sharing of pirated content IS a crime, and that is what Anonymous is complaining about losing.. the illegal file sharing sites that steal money from legitimate sales.


Mikado Hikyuu 13.11.2013 18:09

It seems that in USA at least, there is a whole generation that never learned that two wrongs do not make a right. Exposing the fragility of the internet by attacking sites with any stake in the SOPA / PIPA controversy as a way of protest will ultimately mean very little if the US government ever chooses to actually disconnect the entire internet service as proof of who holds ultimate 'control' in this MORONIC game of virtual territory.

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