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#Justice4Daisy: Anonymous threatens to go after alleged rapists

14.10.2013 14:43

Anger is mounting after the cover-up by local officials of an alleged rape of two teenage girls in Missouri has been exposed. Meanwhile, internet vigilantes aligned with Anonymous are readying to work the case themselves.

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Sam Hel 21.10.2013 07:59

Anonymous wants to go after innocent people because it makes them feel as though they are not small people with small pen is.

the accused have not been proven to have done ANYTHING wrong.

Anon ymous can choose many targets that we KNOW have done very bad things, so why go after the innocent ?

because Anonymous does not have the guts to go after real ciminals. they are cowards who would rather go after innocents.


Hand-Basket Co-Pilot 17.10.2013 01:11

Don't know if I agree with all the actions of Anonymous, but in these cases I wish them much success. And, if their digital campaign is not succesful, I hope the perpetrators mysteriously vanish without a trace...


Codename Taco 16.10.2013 17:19

A rape only damages the victims and their families. Exposing the government for what it is damages the manufactured consent the government uses to control the masses. That's why Anons get prosecuted harder than "mere" sexual predators.


Justin Green 16.10.2013 14:29

When they system become a corrupt waste land of decay. The average citizen must make their own justice. Least tyranny run rampant. And the degradation of rights follows.


Luke Koleas 16.10.2013 05:54

My government is dead to me!


Ross Yudis 15.10.2013 21:02

Those pigs will pay for what they have done to her. With their lives hopefully.


Helical 15.10.2013 18:32

It will be the ONLY way you can get justice.


Martha Beaudin 15.10.2013 10:39

As someone who was part of the Operation Chanology and supported the arab spring movements, let me say that we can only do so much in countries with little internet. Yes, we can hack police documents and databases and kids cell phones, because the USA records everything if you know where to look.

If you have a good idea on how we can punish those countries that allow for human rights violations without starting nuclear war, i'm all for it. But what EXACTLY do you think Iran will do if we suddenly start hacking THEIR police force?
Also, the bias against muslims in your post disgusts me. hate country, not religion


Katie Jaydee 15.10.2013 09:57

Ian Foster 15.10.2013 07:41

Muslims lawfully rape children every day!

Where is justice and Anonymous on that?


Ian, Muslim countries operate under a different ideology. Anonymous make things happen within the Western world because these states are democratic and public opinion plays a big role. In Muslim states, public opinion doesn't mean sh*t. Most are dictatorship states.

Als o, I get the sense that Anonymous's sphere of influence is mainly around U.S anyway.


Ian Foster 15.10.2013 07:41

Muslims lawfully rape children every day!

Where is justice and Anonymous on that?


Ron Chandler 15.10.2013 02:09

Abolish the corrupt FBI! Institute the Federal Department of Anonymous!


Denys Moreau 15.10.2013 01:17

We necessary have to resolve insecurity in global system.
We are all around the world,we do not forgive,we do not forget! We can stop this "machine"


Lori Bowland 14.10.2013 23:40

Daisy now faces a life sentence of pain and sorrow and her rapist goes free!! Where is the justice?!?!?!


Sean McNamara 14.10.2013 23:25

Enough is Enough,

Anonymous is another acceptable function in the system. Necessary as it seems to hold to account so many that use the system of law as protection.

Too many mates deals and dominant personalities controlling the mechanism.

Keep up public support, force involvement of public if possible and when necessary step over the line that holds so many in a false sense of security from which they taught their lies & aggressive provado.
When the law fails, time and again.
Step over the line, show support & do it strategically, and help Anonymous.
No one group can be left to carry this weight alone.


Jolly Roger 14.10.2013 19:24

"If convicted he could be sent to prison for more time than proven rapists would face."

That is some kind of bull.


Mike Littlefield 14.10.2013 19:19

We might have an incompetent president, a congress that behaves like children, a corrupt judiciary that favors the criminal over the victim, and an ignorant people; but we are still the greatest exceptional nation on Earth. God bless the great united states of america. long may our flag wave. There, my sarcasm quota for today has been met.


Barton 14.10.2013 18:53

Go get'em cowboy


Edrick Patward 14.10.2013 18:45

Looks like the officials in Maryville are just as corrupt as the Missouri House of Representatives. It has been said that tea flows downhill. Anyone care for a cup?

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