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Anonymous plans Million Mask March on Washington

08.10.2013 16:12

Demonstrators hope that one million masked activists will descend on Washington, DC next month to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day with a mass rally to remind the world “That fairness, justice and freedom are more than just words.”

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Scott M. Belanger 25.10.2013 23:50

Where can I get a mask?


Scott Gordon 11.10.2013 03:36

[quote name='W Canaday' time='11.10.2013 03:00']By waiting until November 5, Anonymous is missing a good chance to show solidarity with the truckers ...

[/quo te]

been a lot of racist comments coming from some of those truckers, could be why they didn't


W Canaday 11.10.2013 03:01

[quote name='Werner Loell' time='10.10.2013 14:23']Only money and power can overcome the stalemate!
[/quo te]

That is what caused the stalemate. To paraphrase Albert Einstein, the forces that caused the problem are not sufficient to repair it.

They ARE the problem.


W Canaday 11.10.2013 03:00

By waiting until November 5, Anonymous is missing a good chance to show solidarity with the truckers ... and they with Anonymous. The present discontent cuts across the lines that are normally used to divide us; what better way to demonstrate that than to protest together?

S ince it is probably too late for Anonymous to reschedule, perhaps the truckers would consider a November 5 encore performance?

There is more wrong than even a couple of nationwide protests can fix. Maybe the first weekend of every month ought to become the norm until this country is handed back to "we, the people".


Werner Loell 10.10.2013 14:23

Only money and power can overcome the stalemate!


Geff Thompson 09.10.2013 21:11

You cant kill an idea.


Adam Ant 09.10.2013 14:19

The time for protest, speeches and marches is over, it is time for action! It is time for all 50 states to organize their militias in to formation, it is time to stop the Chinese and Agenda 21 takeover of America! If we don't take action very soon, America will know what pain really is. It is time to stop the takeover!


AN0NYM0US 09.10.2013 12:53

What you are focusing on is the Guy Fawkes masks and what he was. What little do you know...

A brief on why we wear the mask;

When we at Anonymous were looking to conceal our identity after the Chanology raids, we found the "V for Vendetta" mask to be the most readily available mask in any costume shop world wide, hence why we all wear the "Guy Fawkes" mask.

| We are anonymous | We are legion | We do forgive | We never forget |

Cities around the nation, on November the 5th... Expect us.


Ddos V Hmlt 09.10.2013 06:01

Anonymous is an idea, You can nither use it nor damage what is instilled within. It's a common idea witch spans far and wide. It is what it is, so we are.


Jeffrey Chamberlain 09.10.2013 04:27

I wonder if Section 22-3312.03 covers muslims.


Carl Hand 09.10.2013 04:19

Many believe that Anon is a tool of the power elite to draw out dissenters. They've been credited with famous hacks, which I won't mention here. Surely they can prove yourselves genuine by doing video hacks on the mass comm/cable systems, planting seeds and rallying the population...that's something that THEY would never do and would make Anon stand apart. The time to get real and get serious is now.


Robert Clapp 09.10.2013 03:39

This is a good thing. We need to open the eyes of the 99% the people


John Michael Thompson 09.10.2013 02:28

best of luck to all activists on November the 5th. Justice and freedom are more than just words is right. There is something wrong with this country and everyone knows it.


John Michael Thompson 09.10.2013 02:25

oh yes lets promote freedom with some more scam advertisements, just what the public needs Cheryl and Cindy. Wow ways to be selfish.

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