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Anonymous members arraigned in ‘Operation Payback’ case

11.10.2013 19:53

The United States government pressed forward Friday afternoon with its case against 13 alleged cybercriminals accused of conspiring to take down government and corporate websites as part of an anti-censorship campaign waged by the Anonymous movement.

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mergon 07.12.2013 11:33

Imagine what the world would look like if we did not have the likes of anonymous = welcome to china !


Amber Michaels 01.11.2013 22:46

Anonymous even has boys across the world like this 12 year old boy working for them lol.


jason anonymous 15.10.2013 13:48

typical government we had a reason whats yours. we did nothing wrong you did.-anonwarp and proud


Horrid Mchorrid 12.10.2013 10:31

They have done nothing wrong , although 'illegal', they were only staging a legitimate protest to highlight and expose the greedy, corporate bully boys and their immoral policies.
The heavy life destroying punishments that will follow, will far outweigh the five minutes of inconvenience and embarrassment that was 'suffered' by these corrupt monopolists .


abdulMuid 12.10.2013 04:26

Why? they didn't steal anything or cause the death of anybody , they just cause the inconvience of big corporattions


Carlos Gomez 11.10.2013 22:27

An they get turned to either do the government's bidding or face a 50 yr prison sentence. Just think everyone, if we just had moral integrity from the alleged "victims" then the group would've never had to do the things they did to shut down service etc.
"Its all about control," these days.

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