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Anonymous goes after UC Davis pepper-spray cop

23.11.2011 22:35

It’s been a hectic week for Lt. John Pike. First he was suspended for his now notorious pepper-spray assault on protesters at UC Davis. Next he became an online sensation.

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Ivan888 02.05.2014 02:58

Most schools in America teach us that we consented to be governed by the bullycrats. If this is so, we should sit down, shut up, and do what we are told.

Howev er, at the beginning of America, it was the public servants who consented to be governed by the American Man.
Declaration of Rights, 1774 said that the American people never consented to be governed.

F urthermore, police and military are the militia that needs to be well regulated by the American Man.

We have let them turn everything upside down.


MonsantoGoingDown 10.01.2014 04:46

I agree that Linda Katehi should leave. She's obviously not fit for the position.

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