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Anonymous protests outside Ohio court as rape trial begins

13.03.2013 19:06

As a controversial rape trial begins in the small town of Steubenville, Ohio, Occupy activists and members of the hacktivist group Anonymous are demanding justice for the alleged victim.

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Anonymous user 08.06.2013 21:20

Do all you can, because we need to stop the sexual abuse, rape is no joke!

Anonymous user 19.03.2013 22:51

Thanks Anonymous.

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 02:52

I was raped when I was 15, much like the victim was. Thank you Anonymous for standing up for us.

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 22:44

Thank you ANONYMOUS for your justice.


Suzanne Ennazus 16.03.2013 23:33

They need to learn that it's not OK to abuse and take advantage of girls like that.

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 15:01

Just because you visit an imageboard and wear a mask, doesn't make you a hacker or an activist. Sad.

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 21:05

Sounds like a witch hunt, anon sure does love the public eye. The mafia thing tho? Who cares?

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 18:46

We do not forgive.

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 18:05

Keep hacking and exposes!

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 15:06

dear Anon. look into the records of Eastern ohio corrections center. abdala lets his mafia buddys go

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 13:23

I support Anonymous!

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 12:41

Archaic victim blaming, nice. Move to Saudi Arabia where your primitive women views will mesh. Dbag

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 12:33

"fuc anonymous though- masked fuctards"
posted as an Anonymous user. LOL what a fool you are!

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 12:28

what is digital rape exactly? did it come after analog rape?

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 10:38

It is illegal to important them into Bahrain.

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 10:12

if it wasnt for the video id say she's a lying little b!otch
fuc anonymous though- masked fuctards

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 07:38

just a concern but how long will it be till crime is done in anonymous masks?

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 07:29

Well done anonymous! Justice for the people

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 07:29

i was raped wearing a long sleeved blouse and pants a hole. Athletes/rich ALWAYS protected

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