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Anonymous hacker Jeremy Hammond pleads guilty to Stratfor breach

28.05.2013 14:10

Hacker and activist Jeremy Hammond pleaded guilty Tuesday morning in a New York courtroom to violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act as a member of the Internet collective known as Anonymous.

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Esperato 07.11.2013 18:42

walter 28.10.2013 14:11

Really ? Who wrote the " Official History " of WWII ?
ANSWER: The victor ALWAYS gets to write the "official history" of any conflict . Vary your data input and temper it w/ expansive objectivism and you'll eventually realize that the Allies ran neck-in-neck atrocity wise with the Axis forces ! ... Suggest a few initial reads pert to Dresden '45 , the U.S. "Great Turkey Shoot" , and the murder / rape of 200 k + as the Reds advanced east .


N ews flash... that's what all war is.


Peter Wakeman 09.08.2013 11:05

when will the purchase power of humans be used to control which company will stay in business? Governments contracts hard to stop? What government could be different?


Carol Davidek-Waller 17.07.2013 16:08

He's a political prisoner not a felon.

Anonymous user 15.07.2013 06:03

legal 2 hack millions of emails/yr & bid them off, but illegal to hack emails that prove it happens?

Anonymous user 15.07.2013 06:00

The problem was explicitly stated. The law is so vague it's only a political weapon used arbitrarily

Anonymous user 31.05.2013 16:11

Don't know why everybody is whining. He broke the law, he got punished, what's the problem?

Anonymous user 29.05.2013 21:59

Meanwhile, Irving will be read for generations.

Anonymous user 29.05.2013 14:31

Irving writes from primary sources and archives which often contradict the official history of WW2

Anonymous user 29.05.2013 14:27

Then why did he hack and disrupt the site of historian and author David Irving?

Anonymous user 29.05.2013 14:26

Hammond wrote, “I believe in the power of the truth”


Jon Adams 29.05.2013 01:08

Stratfor is one of the barbarian entities that is depleting the American Empire.

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 22:35

Thank you.

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