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Federal court strikes down Arizona abortion ban

21.05.2013 23:53

A federal court has struck down an Arizona state ban on abortions beyond 20 weeks, signed into law last year. As is often the case with the contentious issue of abortion rights, at question was the legal definition of life.

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Anonymous user 10.07.2013 02:22

Correction: 6 of the 9 justices are Catholic - still whose the majority here?

Anonymous user 10.07.2013 02:01

Not including the Chief Justice who is also Catholic - now who is in the majority?

Anonymous user 10.07.2013 01:58

Acutally 4 of the 7 Supreme Court Justices are Catholic - over half


Geoff 04.07.2013 03:11

Hope the dumb ban on abortion stays uplifted... Abortion is a necesary evil to have. Women should be able to terminate their unwanted, unborn fetuses.

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 19:00

Majority of US Supreme Cournt are Bi-sexual Israelis.

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 18:58

In US, nasty liberal baal worshipers like to sacrifice babies to their pagan god.

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 18:57

Absolute power of the Federal U.S. Government has corupted it abolutely.

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 11:29

Morons like to think they have the right to tell others what to do with their bodies, nice try.

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 07:40

Liberals are against guns but they are all for murdering babies--

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