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Weeks-old traces of marijuana can land you a DUI in Arizona

07.11.2013 19:37

In Arizona, getting behind the wheel of a car weeks after smoking marijuana opens up the possibility of being charged with driving under the influence. Soon, however, the state Supreme Court may say that law has to go.

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Erich 28.12.2013 19:51

Huge prison business in the southern states. They have infested government and laws to crazy amounts.

OR , way to much sun on the brain and old people in your communities that still believe weed is deadly.


MC 24.12.2013 18:47

Malcom Content 08.11.2013 12:30

If its good for us, then it should be good for them, first.

Test the cops on a weekly basis.
Let those who judge, be judged.


Malcom you hit it my friend. Test ALL congress and senate members, state and federal. Test ALL judges from all benches. Test cops, airline pilots, etc.

Your observation is too legal to work though.


Dave K AZ 10.11.2013 02:21

What they don't tell you is that it is likely that if you ingest hemp oil or meals made from hemp seeds which are health foods that it is likely that you will also test positive for marijuana metabolites. Costco even had hemp oil on sale here until it mysteriously disappeared from their store. These health foods are still available on the internet and are popular with many people who are health conscious. Good source of omega 3's and a complete source of protein. If you often eat healthy foods you too might be a victim of the intolerant folks in Arizona who wish to sink a voter passed law by any means available.


Lonnie Kushking 09.11.2013 22:26

Bob William Knight 08.11.2013 17:29

i would demand a field sobrety test and refuse a bood test


You would fail all of the multiple Field Sobriety Tests because there is no "grade". They are designed to kill time and say you were off-balanced and impaired.

I n Arizona, if you refuse the blood test, they get warrant and draw you blood.... and then they suspend your license on DUI regardless if you have anything in your system.


Erik 08.11.2013 17:43

@Bob W K,
Agreed, to be able to drive, "thats the whole point Isn't It?" Obama replied when asked about if he inhaled while smoking pot - on the other hand, Clinton claimed he did not
I guess a hair test would find year old traces


Bob William Knight 08.11.2013 17:29

i would demand a field sobrety test and refuse a bood test

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