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Arkansas oil spill: Exxon reacts to tax 'loophole,' pledges ‘to cover all costs’

02.04.2013 21:30

The central Arkansas spill caused by Exxon’s aging Pegasus pipeline has reportedly unleashed 10,000 barrels of Canadian heavy crude - but a technicality says it's not oil, letting the energy giant off the hook from paying into a national cleanup fund.

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Anonymous user 04.04.2013 02:26

Canada sell US oil BELOW market rates
If China export their NA oil USA must pay world prices

Anonymous user 04.04.2013 02:22

American is trying to build refineries in BC , primarily to stop Chinese Owned Oil leaving Canada


Mike Smithy 04.04.2013 01:31

Uncle Jed is a millionaire. Kinfolk said move away from there. Califony is the place you ought to be.

Anonymous user 04.04.2013 00:38

Not Canadian 100% American now folks
No "Canadian" uranium complaints is there
Yours deal with it !

Anonymous user 04.04.2013 00:18

Now, a technicality says "this is NOT Oil?". Anything to save corporate Exxon from blame.

Anonymous user 04.04.2013 00:17

Cheney owns majority stake in the company that does the cleanup (both sides covered) #winning


Ethan Gordon 03.04.2013 22:58

It's ridiculous that big companies are allowed to get away with not paying their dues on such small technicalities. I wonder if executives at the top of the company regret anything or if they're going to just defend it to the last straw...

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 21:47

Is it just about the $

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 21:31

You mean to tell us that if one were to take a sample of that and analize it there is NO oil in it?

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 21:29

Canadian Crude brought to you by the friendly Koch Bros. since Venezuela kicked them out for greed.

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