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US citizens make up 80% of drug arrests at Mexican border - report

29.03.2013 01:02

According to data from the Center for Investigative Reporting, Americans are taken into custody 80 per cent of the time in drug-related arrests at the Mexican border, as Mexican drug cartels favor US nationals because customs won’t suspect them.

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Miggymig Flores 23.02.2014 06:48

Can't stop those Millers with their RV!

Anonymous user 09.04.2013 01:17

I have never arrested an illegal alien for drugs. Always a I551 cardholder from Mexico. U.S.B.P.


William Travis 05.04.2013 16:59

Back in the 1970s, the Miami Police found many of their police recruits were ex-cons or gang members. This is nothing new.

Anonymous user 01.04.2013 14:17

No surprises there
80 to 90% of Americans are on some sort of drug, legal or illegal, doesn't matter

Anonymous user 01.04.2013 12:54

Another unfortunate truth, I'm sure they'll all have Mexican and English accents post Hollywood!

Anonymous user 31.03.2013 04:07

Americans are worse off than the Mexicans
Maybe they should get jobs cutting lawns in Cabo

Anonymous user 30.03.2013 18:54

LOL Mexican reefer is garbage ,we grow our own now, cocain and others, on the way out, sorry cartel

Anonymous user 30.03.2013 14:45

South of the border they have it down to a science, don't get caught.

Anonymous user 30.03.2013 09:56

Anchor babies or of mexicant descent are the majority of them.

Anonymous user 30.03.2013 02:12

The US needs to legalize, regulate, and let states take the lead. Treat Marijuana more like alcohol.

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