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Gagged: Federal court says accused hacktivist Barrett Brown can’t speak to the press

04.09.2013 19:21

A federal court approved a media gag-order on Wednesday preventing imprisoned writer-turned-hacktivist Barrett Brown and his attorneys from speaking to the media about their case.

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Anthony David 05.09.2013 16:18

Freedom of speech. Denied.
Freedom of liberty. Denied.
Right to a fair trial. Denied.
Uttering Threats - liable + charged

If a person cannot speak to other people than they are not able to rally support. Conveying the message of circumstance than also cannot get out.

The way "threats" are considered are as they have been those who do not support what is happening.
Than there are those threats of who support whats happening.

The confusion is in the nature of what was, what is, what will be. In all the case of functional reality those who are at fault hide behind media campaigns and tactical communications.


Kenneth T. Tellis 05.09.2013 12:03

Under the Obama regime the U.S. has become a carbon copy of the late great Soviet Union. Even the U.S. Constitution is now null and void. You can be arrested on the say so of Obama or any of his coterie of nut bars. The American Dream has become a Nightmare and the people noe have to act as Zombies.


Keeping Appshappy 04.09.2013 23:20

Wonder if 'press' for purposes of this gag order is the same as 'press' for purposes of the shield laws attempting to define whose reporting activities have legal protection.

If so, then he should be ok talking to bloggers, right?


martin 04.09.2013 21:11

Well put jon thanks


Jon 04.09.2013 20:54

Barrett Brown is a JOURNALIST. Referring to him as such underscores the gravity of this situation. In a situation like this, when a journalist is being persecuted, of course other journalists (real journalists, not cable news BS) are going to cover the story. And of course his lawyer is going to show him in a positive light, that is his job. If he has said any lies, why wouldn't the Justice Department point them out publicly, instead of forcing a gag order? Barrett Brown is no criminal, he exposed criminals. And apparently that is a crime nowadays


Jon 04.09.2013 20:53

Barack Obama is reminding me more and more of Augusto Pinochet. Both men allied with tyrannical governments to fight dirty wars all over their respective spheres of influence (Pinochet's being South America; see Operation Condor/ Barack Obama being most of the world); the practice of torture & assassination of percieved enemies; the savage persecution of dissent coming from journalists, academics & citizens; all in the name of staunchly neoliberal policies.

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