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Senate bill would eliminate mass collection of phone records, reform FISA court

25.09.2013 22:58

A bipartisan group of US lawmakers has introduced legislation that, if approved, would attempt to strengthen civil liberties and curb the power of the secret FISA courts that approved widespread foreign and domestic NSA surveillance policies.

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Tony Bolinger 27.09.2013 23:03

This is off subject but I really thought Russia was one step ahead of the US as far as civil rights go now days until I seen the fact that there using drones come on Mr. Putin I know your above this.


Ann 27.09.2013 01:09

Camilo, you are right about the bills being introduced just to appease the people. Why would they stop collecting data when the NSA is getting ready to open one of their biggest spy centers ever? I heard or read somewhere that it will eventually house the data for all the people in the world. In other words, it doesn't matter where you live.


Barak M Webb 26.09.2013 16:30

Doesn't matter what 'laws' are written/passed when a simple Presidential signing statement makes it worthless.


Ed Camilo 26.09.2013 14:57

Mass collection of phone and other records, including emails, by the US government will never end. Any bill on this matter by the Senate is just to appease and fool the people. Things won't change in America until the fascist gang is locked up!


groingo 26.09.2013 14:02

The NSA didn't obey the law the first time, this Government just doesn't get it, these clowns need action not words.


Mike v. W. 26.09.2013 12:57

More laws won't help, these people, I won't even call them U.S. government won't stop before they have destroyed Iran back into a submissive heap and offcourse Syria at all costs too for the planned Saudi Arabia pipeline to Europe.
The people behind the government are nothing more but a manifestation of the billionaires controlling our world, forget free speech, forget democracy, these people won't stop till they have us all.


Anon Wibble 26.09.2013 12:45

If the law was correctly observed there'd be no need for NSA spying programs. NSA spy to prevent crimes, but you shouldn't prosecute people for something they haven't done yet!!


Joseph 26.09.2013 12:16

There would need to be a designated Edward Snowden protection for anyone who blows the whistle in the future. The law will be meaningless as long as Snowden is a fugitive for reporting violations of the constitution which the lawmakers are sworn to uphold.


Bitty1985 26.09.2013 08:50

Seriously we need to start from scratch; most of this government has proven it is corrupt.


Pantera Persa 26.09.2013 01:02

Pure rhetoric, designed to re-trick. only with tightened security. honestly at this point all the criminals and perpetrators have been more than clearly identified. 2nd amendments weren't designed to 'stand your ground' murdering fellow citizens but to take, to capitol hill and put the Wrong, Right.
Needs a group of strong visionaries to kick start and wake the sleepy. cut the head and body will fall. Done right, a few weeks turmoil and your nation will rise again, with the rest of the world breathing a sigh of relief.
A true patriotic Think Tank with the aid of some Thick Tanks aimed at the 'Big Banks'. COME ~ON


Carlos Gomez 25.09.2013 23:53

Can ANYONE tell Washington that its too little, too late ? This GLOBAL INTRUSION is very likely to destroy the U.S. economy, and I think that the majority of folk's in the world will never trust the " District of Corruption " a.k.a. D.C. ever again. I can't fathom what if anything could be done to regain the world's faith in our democratic institution which, keep in mind, the rest of the 99% follow here in America.
Though it could very well be the best thing to have happened as it will finally bring about the end of a 2 party stranglehold our government has been led astray by. An if no ? Revolution's happen . . .

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