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Popular BitTorrent site isoHunt shutdown, forced to pay $110 million

18.10.2013 03:31

After more than a decade of facilitating a search of BitTorrent files and eluding copyright enforcers, isoHunt has agreed to shut down all of its international operations and pay the entertainment industry US$110 million.

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Tom Thibodeau 12.11.2013 18:32

Why not just sue Bill Gates and Steve Jobs for providing the ultimate platform which enabled illegal file sharing, stalking, child pornography, government hacking, etc. Oh yeah, I guess everyone forgot that back in the 80s, everyone had "hot boxes" for free cable and people copied each others music via cassette tapes, and people copied movies on VHS and taped television shows. How is it really any different than it was back then? Did they sue Maxell for selling blank cassette tapes so one 10-year old could copy his friend's Vanilla Ice album? America is quickly becoming a communist country.


joshua mullins 27.10.2013 17:43

What a joke! Look at what we the customers pay for internet, and our device's, and even the movie's we share or may share! End of torrent sites equals end of internet for me! And google keep tracking everyone's history for decades. I'm writing this from a android by Google even though its upgrade time I'm waiting on the internet to be completely useless so I can just get a good old flip phone!


Chris Riley 19.10.2013 20:26

ever go to a bank. Largest transactions are in Real Estate. A lot of information is forged. Moves are a dime a dozen. Real Estate transactions run into the billions. All hidden in legal documents not disclosed in the transactions.


Saf Riz 18.10.2013 17:38

No probs..That will save me time and stop me from watching movies..Now where is my fishing rod


AzoSF 18.10.2013 16:55

No problem. I'll stop watching movies and tv shows. No more in-movie ads and brainwashing subliminal messages! Yay!


Roger Pondoc 18.10.2013 16:21

i think the real server is still the us "NASA" hehe


mijj 18.10.2013 14:15

an evolution needs to take place. Sites that are centralized in location and control are easily attacked and subverted by the Mafia Government sanctioned Corporate Organized Crime Syndicates. Owner independent, distributed, decentralized sites need to be impementated. (eg construct a virtual site from a number of scrambled, incomplete parts distributed on various other sites in various nations)


Peter Rolland 18.10.2013 12:49

pb kat and many more
other they can start isoblunt


J. Nev 18.10.2013 12:38

Start another site in a different country...


Pablo Schütz 18.10.2013 11:56

It's a war for control.
I wonder how much money individual artist will receive from the $110 million?
I have attended concerts and have expanded my musical tastes and knowledge through the use of Torrents. I have met and spoken to musicians whom I otherwise would have never known. I bought their t-shirts and also many albums. LPs, CDs and DVDs. Greedy people such as Lars Ulrich should be slapped !!
So, it is NOT about freedom of information. It is in fact the same old story at play. That of acquisition of power and the control and taxing of information.


Youssef Dahiri 18.10.2013 11:00

there is more more than isohunt


James Dennis 18.10.2013 09:57

Looks to me like The Pirate Bay is the stand alone....I wonder if a collective voice of all the users new and old would have any significant weight as a whole, legally..?


Silent Sarur 18.10.2013 07:32

Torrentz .eu is the best search engine out there. It indexes about 20 torrent sites including Kat,Bittorent, TPB


alotta fagina 18.10.2013 05:18

They should pay in US dollars there almost worthless

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