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Bloomberg seeks mandatory fingerprinting for NYC public housing residents

17.08.2013 08:08

The 620,000 residents living in public housing projects should be fingerprinted as a crime-prevention measure, said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but many city residents protest that the proposal is an invasion of privacy.

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Lena BattleCat Pullum 22.08.2013 21:41

The way to clean it up is to get rid of undesirable tenants that allow thugs and drug dealers to use their apartments for their criminal activites! This has been the main issue within the housing developments. But i guess you live "better" than the rest of us down here so you don't have a clue what its like


Lena BattleCat Pullum 22.08.2013 21:34

I live in public housing and i want to know how will fingerprinting EVERYONE, prevent a criminal from entering the housing development?? I know what this is all about!! This is just another system being put in place to track everyone! Bloomberg and his croonies don't give a darn about the ppl who live in these developments! For him and his police backers its all about keeping us "n&&%s and spicks" and even the whites that live among us in line! Please note: i am not a racist so please excuse the racial terms that I choose to use for this post!


Matthew 21.08.2013 05:03

We’ve just got to find some way to keep bringing crime down there.”
rather than fingerprinting why not work to help job creation and decrease levels of poverty. Crime isnt the problem the problem is the poverty that leads to crime. the failure to recognize this is what allows for the increasing disparity between rich and poor and the ungodly amount of people locked away in prison.


Superabound 20.08.2013 11:22

Michal 20.08.2013 07:49

Bloomberg are you joking me? People living in city apartments should all be fingerprinted? How about all billionaires in NY should be printed! You sick skeleton Bloomberg!


How about we fingerprint all the Jews in NYC? Lets see how much Michael Gloomberg likes THAT idea!


Gabriel Lewis 19.08.2013 22:25

Bloomberg is just a modernised Nazi. He's anti-poor, anti-working class & a racist. Stop and Frisk and now finger printing for public housing applicants? Not everyone in NYC public housing is a ghetto thug. A big part of these buildings are exculsively senior and disabled buildings. Why bother fingerprinting seinors & the disabled?

B loomberg is just oppressing the poor, to keep NYC's inflated real estate prices up, get the yuppies & rich to move it. His plan is get rid of the darkies, poor minorites, and poorer whites out of the city, so they won't "offend" the yuppies & wealthy. He wants a Diseny Land for the rich!


Don McCoy 19.08.2013 16:15

NEVER thought I'd agree with the Lunatic Mayor of Gotham...but there SHOULD be fingerprints for these people--AND drug tests. THAT'S how you'll finally clean up these slummy places. If they need the public to support them, they need to prove they deserve the help. Otherwise, we're just facilitating the crash-and-burn of housing project after housing project.


Terence Koonce 19.08.2013 16:13

Bloomberg needs a reality check.I wish he would just go away.New York has the highest number of homeless since stats have been kept.Why doesn't he address that issue?The media refuses to challenge Bloomberg on real issues that effect common NYers like the abysmal unemployment rate it is much higher than the national average.He is a sick man.


John 19.08.2013 03:06

The Bloomberg Fascism Experiment continues.


David 18.08.2013 06:03

Dear RT,
As the front line in objective information to the public (albeit somewhat liberal, but we know about it ahead of time so its all good) and your reports are spot-on, relevant and accurate with few exceptions, we need you to keep talking about these important issues. It is YOU (and other worthy news outlets) who has the mantle of responsibility. Please continue to help us. The issue of unconstitutionality on the above practice will be challenged and with RT teaching the public what all that means, we can fix it. You help break control of informational tyranny. THANK-YOU.


Juan Cazador 18.08.2013 04:44

Carlos, are you just now realizing this? Welcome to the world. America has been a FARCE since it's founding in 1776. The only ones who can't seem to see that are the harem of boot-licking filth that make up it's populace, the ones who keep fighting among each other like beasts of burden instead of going after scum like Bloomberg and all the other thieves in D.C. and the financial institutions. Americans worked hard at letting their nation become a sh*thole, so they deserve what they have now.


Maggie VintageCore 18.08.2013 01:42

JailBanksters 18.08.2013 00:39

Just enforcing the Guilty 'til proven Innocent mantra, making it the new Norm.


DLB 18.08.2013 01:20

@Ca rlos, you are a %110 CORRECT! This is the same thing I was thinking. Gentrification in the works.


@I agree, but I think it already started. I have had friends tell me ever since Bank of New York and Chase set up shop in Harlem, it is a police state. All the rich little kids want to live in the cheaper areas, and they know there is a market... This has been progressive in this area for years. THIS IS JUST HORRID

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