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Congress postpones immigration reform bill discussion after Boston Marathon bombing

16.04.2013 14:22

The bombing at the Boston Marathon has delayed the introduction of a major bipartisan immigration bill that would seek to provide millions with a path to citizenship.

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Anonymous user 27.05.2013 15:50

Lets send back all white inbreed trailer trash ans give this land back to the original owners.

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 18:44

its a shame they are from poor parts of their country but we have poor peep trying to make it too..

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 18:43

keep giving amnesty to the illegals here and they will keep coming waiting on next amnesty 2 b given

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 18:41

about evry 20 yrs or so we try to give citizenship to the group off illegals to come since last time

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 18:38

under politicians thought process the country could take off work... go terroristss

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 15:50

The U.S. has become a dumping ground for the world’s trash!

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 15:49

I think it's very unfair the proposed date.

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 15:48

Closed borders discriminate against terrorists, the liberals say.

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 07:35

At least 1 good thing came out of the bombing.

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 02:37

Brzezinski confirms that the US can organize attacks in their own territory.....

Anonymous user 16.04.2013 20:43

Let’s let more terrorist into American, it’s good for the economy – the capitalist’s say.


duncan c lucas 16.04.2013 19:33

ANON-17.56-Makes you think doesnt it???-especially 9/11.
Cameron is copying them already. Or were they copying him?

Anonymous user 16.04.2013 17:56

Same thing happened after 9/11 and the immigration reform was forgotten for years.

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