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‘Multiple gunshot wounds’: Boston bombing suspect’s severe injuries revealed

20.08.2013 16:35

Multiple bullets fired during the capture of surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev caused severe injuries, including skull fracture, according to newly released federal court documents.

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Salan Kid 05.10.2013 07:27

US cops are like a the judge and executioner at the same time , 16 trillions in debt , no wonder they are like wolves hunting , the world is aware of its agenda ,destroying country to get to the oil ,now they want to stop the oil pipeline from Syria to the Balkans , its a dirty filthy imperialist regime and it must be stopped , they are dreaming of one world gov , what a joke ,


Robert MacKay 21.08.2013 16:44

Of course it was a false flag and the Tsarnaev brothers were the fall guys. The attack and official story reflect the lies and manipulations of the FBI and DHS that we have seen in so many other entrapment terrorism cases.

His wounds were intended to kill him I am nearly certain they wanted both of them dead but this young man survived so they will railroad him like they do to so many others.

Wat ch for the Kangaroo court proceedings !


Hoar Fraust 21.08.2013 06:21

Michael M. You sound like the kind of person who still believes humans have rights--bless you!


enterthemelee1 21.08.2013 01:16

I don't get it, people think he hadn't been shot? Why is this story unbelievable to some people? I watched the new as it was happening like most people did and there is video of the helicopter pilot that spotted him in the boat saying "I can see blood on the side of the boat". Now from the I didn't see any use of excessive force, or see evidence of excessive force used by the police involved. the police were under had been attacked and responded accordingly.


Michael M. 20.08.2013 19:22

No one seems to be concerned with the fact that police opened fire, and shot an unarmed man SUSPECTED to be involed in a terror attack in the face.


mickey12gauge 20.08.2013 18:07

Bullshit! It was a false flag attack so that the US government could train officers for Marshal Law, going illegally door to door and searching homes without warrants! This makes me sick!

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