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Boston Marathon bombing may not qualify as terrorist attack for the feds

18.04.2013 18:12

The Boston Marathon bombing has been called a terrorist attack – even by the US president himself. But despite the classification, the bombing may not qualify as a “terrorist attack” in the eyes of the Treasury and those providing insurance coverage.

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Anonymous user 26.04.2013 23:33

FBI are airfarce suckboys.

Anonymous user 26.04.2013 05:17

The American Government is what brought this to American soil they should pay for it

Anonymous user 22.04.2013 01:41

Shut up we are to busy loading the money for Israel , we haven't time for your petty problems

Anonymous user 21.04.2013 10:55

Coverup for the Bi partisan indictments for Bush Obama Pelosi Clinton Cheney etc... May they ROT

Anonymous user 21.04.2013 07:32

A convenient excuse to not pay 4 the damaged buildings & properties huh? Not even for human lives?

Anonymous user 20.04.2013 11:00

terrorism is cost of damage to buildings, not people.

Anonymous user 20.04.2013 09:02

They want to enslave humanity ultimately and exterminate.

Anonymous user 20.04.2013 09:00

Staged.Bill Cooper was right.Behold the Pale Horse.

Anonymous user 20.04.2013 05:56

Not a US Government involvent? And yet, every flag on military bases are flying at half staff only?

Anonymous user 20.04.2013 05:29

It is a terrorist attack by the US government on Civil Liberties

Anonymous user 20.04.2013 04:26

Dude story is so simple Russian secret service take suspects families as hostages and forced them


Bridget Miner 20.04.2013 00:31

How is that not a terrorist attack ????????? why is it because only two people died?????????? tell me just tell me why it is not a terrorist attack

Anonymous user 19.04.2013 21:27

"...unless the property damage exceeds $5 million" People died, is that not an act or terror?

Anonymous user 19.04.2013 18:21

Kadirov is upset because he is on the list.

Anonymous user 19.04.2013 18:19

You cannot buy a Chechen but you can rent one.

Anonymous user 19.04.2013 17:26

The cabal behind eveything, the mosad is a pathetic tentacle of the cabal, they don't do much!

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