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US Customs agents reportedly destroyed Canadian man’s 11 homemade instruments

31.12.2013 18:52

​United States Customs and Border Patrol is under fire after a new report revealed that officials there confiscated nearly a dozen homemade instruments from a Canadian man and proceeded to destroy them.

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Fred Stork 27.02.2014 15:44

@Neville Ross -- I am appalled by your bigoted comment. This is about US Customs, keep Russia out of it. It's not relevant to the article. You are a typical blinkered patriot who jumps up and screams if it even looks like US is being criticised. I had been exposed to US Customs long before this "terrorist" ; hype. They are drunk with power, and will conficate and/or destroy traveller's property when it it feels like they will get away with it.
It's been said "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely".


Robert Smiley 04.01.2014 05:51

Just as you wouldn't travel through a Russian airport to go from. One country to another, don't travel through the US if you are visiting another country and you don't live in the US. In other words never,ever travel on an airline that makes a stop in the US while going from one foreign country to another. It's the same with changing planes, don't do it in the US. Either fly nonstop or change planes in Mexico or Canada or some other country depending on where you are coming from or going to. Just don't give the American troglodytes the chance to harm you.


Neville Ross 04.01.2014 02:50

James Bakerloo Nicholls 03.01.2014 05:16

Precisely why I wouldn't visit the 'US' now. All this hysteria disguised as 'security' puts me off ever wanting to go to such a country.


Why aren't you put off by what's bing done in Russia? The incident with the punk musicians is worse than this, you know.


Neville Ross 04.01.2014 02:49

@Victoria Darkflame:
So you'll admonish the USA for this said and unfortunate incident, but not admonish Russia for treating dissidents badly? Shows where your priorities are.


Victoria Darkflame 03.01.2014 16:45

LOL @ American political theater. I will never ever travel into that cesspool of a country so it bothers me not...america is beginning to reap what it has sown. Well deserved bad KARMA for the millions of innocent dead at the hands of american terrorists in uniform. Did you think you could march around the world, slaughtering innocents in their homes, invade and destroy any country you like? america deserves no sympathy for the universal justice to come. The world will breath a sigh of relief when america is humbled.


James Bakerloo Nicholls 03.01.2014 05:16

Precisely why I wouldn't visit the 'US' now. All this hysteria disguised as 'security' puts me off ever wanting to go to such a country.


david johanson 02.01.2014 23:53

So the War on Drugs War on Terror and Asteroid attacks and the soon to appear "Alien Disclosure" is still in play. Wonderful what these foul powers that be have in mind for us. George "Coke Daddy" Bush called it "The New World Order"


Eric Rodgers 02.01.2014 22:41

Someone seemed upset that the TSA was being "thrown under the bus". As if they are a reputable organization. It doesn't matter which group did it as they are all organs of the police state. Anyone who is employed by the federal government is a criminal.


Lace King 02.01.2014 13:53

Um, you morons realize that TSA had NOTHING to do with this, right? TSA and CBP are apples to oranges. But hey, thanks for being the LATEST news agency to throw this organization under the bus; and y'all wonder why they have a bad name? Well moronic news agencies like this who don't research the facts or have a basic understanding of U.S. government agencies are why! SMH.



Debra Logan 02.01.2014 13:48

Geez, at least get the agengy right. TSA had NOTHING to do with this. It was Customs.


Joe Dixon 02.01.2014 09:10

They probably saw that the guy was originally form Morocco and assumed that they were hash pipes of one form or another.


Charly Charlzz 01.01.2014 21:18

some TSA are doing there Jobs but I take the wild guess that they finded 90% of them lived in the Streets and smoked crack or worst before finding this job hahaha ! USA is just very Lame anyway i dont see why I even would think of going back other there and get cancer from water and burgers , they are the ones who export there mutating chickens with bleach all over and that says a bannana should look this way ! Nobody respect it anymore because the American politics are corrupted and Under-educated :D


George Vilahu 01.01.2014 17:37

So, if you want to slam an agency, at least show a picture of the right one! You show TSA and blame United States Customs and Border Patrol.......get it right RT!!!! TSA screws up enough on its own without getting blamed for what another agency does.

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