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Hate crime: Boy who killed Neo-Nazi father aged 10 found ‘responsible’

14.01.2013 21:46

A California judge has found a 12-year old boy “responsible” for the second-degree murder of his white supremacist father, though he was only 10 when the crime was committed.

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Daniel hudd 05.04.2013 16:29

In this case I would have to say that the violence and anger this boy had was a direct link to his up bringing. His father cared more about his hate filled movement than the moral raising of a child. Now, that said, the state was right in convicting this boy, he planned the murder, he knew it was wrong and if he was smart enough to watch Criminal Minds and plan a murder, he was smart enough to call DHS if their was a problem. The boys violent history in stabbing a teacher in kindergarten made him dangerous for any guardian to watch and take care of his well being. And without Spiritual counsel he may be lost for good

Anonymous user 05.04.2013 06:16

If you are Christian and white in the USA, you are doomed.

Anonymous user 05.04.2013 06:15

CA murders: hispanics and blacks walk or get probation. USA Racist against whites.

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