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‘Back to the 19th century’: Mysterious techno breakdown hits Gitmo 9/11 tribunal

24.08.2013 08:04

Defense lawyers for Guantanamo detainees asked the judge in the military tribunal on Friday to suspend pretrial hearings as mysterious computer glitches are just the latest technological setbacks to complicate the legal proceedings.

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fran7 26.08.2013 08:03

USA Gitmo is a gross denial of human rights which is against its own constitution and the fact it exists at all shows how HYPOCRITICAL USA government have become. Obama,s warmongering in the middle east is causing untold misery and death and destruction as well as costing Billions of dollars in aid to Israel and Egypt.


Enable15 24.08.2013 19:40

What a bunch of nonsense. I'd love to know what 'glitches' (net/sysadmin with over 10 years of exp here) prevent people from opening a spreadsheet or a word doc. Even if they use a DMS of some kind they should be able to dump that data to open a local copy. I'm calling bullshit on all of this, this sounds like nothing more than a stalling tactic to me.

The explanation for the issue sounds like something someone would explain to a small child who hasn't used anything more advanced than an iPad. Stupid PR people are stupid.


Jon Vosloo 24.08.2013 17:56

any game is good enough if it keep the truth from being told in open court for yet another month or two


V Pete 24.08.2013 17:29

This is an interesting development especially after Hacker Jeremy Hammond accuses US government of using Anonymous people in custody to hack into foreign computer systems. Could it be? Nah.... well maybe?


John Carpenter 24.08.2013 15:36

This is the era of undisguised tampering, utterly clumsy stumblebum tampering. Snowden, Manning, & Assange have flummoxed the Men behind the Curtain.

Previously it was well disguised. This week is coincidentally the first glimpse of the Naked Emperor of the US Dollar. There are about 100 claims on paper for every ounce of gold in the bullion banks, including the Comex and LBMA.

First come first served!


Craig Westbrook 24.08.2013 14:49

Of course The US cheats lies hacks .... And the prosecution is snickering ... The Judge Knows what is really going on ... But hey ... They have to convict everyone , and why play it out fair ? because not one of these people had a dam thing to do with Terrorism on 911 . Torture is Bush and Chenneys way to put blame on innocents . Let me alone with Bush Chenney or Johm orry SOB Mc Cain for 1 hour ... I wlll tape there CONFESSIONS ~

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