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Cops arrest California man for filming them and then kill his dog (VIDEO)

02.07.2013 15:41

California police on Sunday arrested a man for playing music and videotaping them, and then fatally shot his pet dog after the animal jumped from an open car window.

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Tony Cossio 26.08.2014 14:10

Andy Adyy 21.07.2014 17:39

^Is this guy serious?


Are you serious? How about turning down the music, it was so loud I thought it was embeded in the video. He wanted the cops attention, he got it.


Eric Kowahl 27.07.2014 16:01

Should have been a responsible 52 year old pet owner and WALKED away. Having a 130 lb. Rotty and provoking police dealing with a tense situation? i woulda have shot both of you. Another dumb ape feeling his civil rights have been violated. 130 lbs is BIG, 40lbs heavier than a mtn lion


Andy Adyy 21.07.2014 17:39

^Is this guy serious? It doesnt matter what those cops are doing, as an american citizen he had the constitutional right to record whatever. If those cops didnt want to risk their lives, they shouldnt have taken the job. Its no secret, the duties of a police officer. NOBODY is above the law, and something is not illegal just because a cop says so. I can agree the guy was pushing his luck by yelling at them, yet still never went outside of his constitutional rights. Theyll NEVER take our right to record.


Dennis Pitts 13.07.2014 17:31

instead of calming the situation and asking if he could secure the dog he kicked and fussed and added to the confusion. He bought every bit of this unto himself.


Dennis Pitts 13.07.2014 17:26

A minute ago he was mr "all that" his dog would still be alive if he wasn't playing hardball to show out for the kids. i strongly feel that he should have been minding his on business.


Dennis Pitts 13.07.2014 17:23

Cops are tired of this though. people acting in complete disregard of the officers safety. Look at the guys. These officers may be risking their lives walking into that building. It's very disrespectful for them to be blasting music and carrying on like that. They're overusing the recording law. thats why police are trying to take it away now. this was sad.


Theodore Bratro Jr. 03.07.2014 06:04

The cop went over to Max on the sidewalk and antagonized him, and Max still didn't bite him.


18E 03.03.2014 21:42

So at some point, Rosby parked his rental car, rolled the windows down, cranked up the music, one song on repeat and took his dog for a walk through a police barricade. And instead of following police requests, he stopped and put his hands on his head, while leaving his dog unsecured.

Rosby has no one but himself to blame for his dog being killed.


Federico Spadone 28.02.2014 00:55

Anonymous user 13.07.2013 22:34

onder if their family will last as long as the dog... after somebody shoot them


It'd be fun to find out! Please, someone kill them and post it on youtube! (=


Federico Spadone 28.02.2014 00:53

I appeal to the people who live in that neighborhood. Don't you know who that cops are? You can identify them and make them meet their judgement. The responsibility of making this world a better place is on everybody, and purging the community of this kind of people and their families is a due step towards freedom.
All cops deserve to die, but these ones should get a special customized service...


Bryan Mcxi 09.02.2014 20:38

If you're not capable of defending yourself against a dog without using weapons, you don't deserve to be an officer of any type.


Robert Littau 15.10.2013 23:26

I honestly hope that these cops got removed from the force and thrown in jail. The dog was playing. I guess it is true...there are some bad people in this world and they wear badges...WOW! So disappointed in the police in this situation.


Lukáš Scorvan 16.08.2013 11:14

death penalty for these POLICE !!!!!

Anonymous user 20.07.2013 20:23

OMG I wish I never watched it! Thats disgusting! They want shooting themselves! Physically feel sick

Anonymous user 13.07.2013 22:34

I wonder if their family will last as long as the dog... after somebody shoot them :D

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