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Dozens of California prisoners hospitalized after 40 days of hunger strike

17.08.2013 07:35

Dozens of inmates on a hunger strike in California prisons have been hospitalized – 40 days into an organized fast by 200 prisoners. The inmates are protesting state prison conditions, including increasing reliance on solitary confinement as a punishment.

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equalprogress 21.08.2013 22:21

In is well documented that prisoners in solitary confinement end up more dangerous when they get out. When there is limited access to counseling, social interaction and evidence based treatment, prisoners learn nothing that will change their behavior. Solitary confinement is cruel and unusual punishment according to international law because of over 30 years of research confirming that solitary confinement causes permanent harm to an individual's mental and physical health. Prisoners held in solitary confinement are more likely to reoffend which makes our communities less safe.


Horus 19.08.2013 21:50

These are the most dangerous ones, they dont put you in solitary for nothing. These are the ShotCallers, Mafia, MS, MM, OG banger psychos, people who have assulted guards and other inmates, they cant be in GP because they are Crazy Predators who thrive to exploit use and kill people! these people are nuts.Iif they wanted rights they should have thought about their rights before they assult and murder people. I dont get it, Kill someone and get wealfare for the rest of their life on tax payers money in some building somewhere, does not make any sense. either exicute them or force them to work for their own wealfare $.


R7432 19.08.2013 17:58

The prisoner in the photo looks fat to me and he's definitely not in solitary confinement. The real reason you have over crowding is because life for prisoners is too good. They love it there. As soon as they get out, they go right back to prison again.


B Cayenne Bird 19.08.2013 14:31

There is no telephone in the cells, except at two of the prison mental hospitals. One of the worst aspects of solitary torture is that the room is the size of a small bathroom with no access to the telephone. Inmates are not only kept from their family members for months and years at a time, they are denied due process and access to the courts.


B Cayenne Bird 17.08.2013 22:52

The prisoners are related to 3 million friends and family members who could organize and remove Jerry Brown if they only understood how our Democracy works. People who have minimal education do not understand organizing. And that is why prison conditions are dire.


B Cayenne Bird 17.08.2013 22:52

Thanks RT for caring about CA prisoners enough to do this story. I suspect that the number that you are being given of 200 participants is low. A prisoner dies almost daily, so I am very convinced that the current death toll is being covered up. There have been a number of inmate deaths at the jails during the strike for example, so we can deduct that the normal pattern of prisoner death continues.


Frank Devenney 17.08.2013 17:35

Can't wait to get my green card, so that I can stave to death in the Land of the Free, really worth saving up for.


Ann Garrison 17.08.2013 15:41

"Amnesty International has called on the US Justice Department to stop punishing California prison hunger strikers who are protesting unregulated solitary confinement policies."

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