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Health of California prison hunger-strikers in decline, despite help from Gatorade

31.08.2013 03:36

California prisoners on hunger strike to protest solitary confinement policies are losing dangerous amounts of weight, even though they have been allowed to drink sports drinks and eat vitamins to help protect against starvation.

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Vanessa Aldeberon 16.10.2013 17:18

oh RT news. perhaps the rumors about you all are true, you are part of the problem. Despite gatorade hey? Despite the fact that the prisoners are allowed to drink high levels of fructose in the sport drink gatorade they are still in bad health. Geez....takes about 15 minutes of research to find the skinny of gatorade and the company who manufactuers it. What do all you high paid research journalists do all day? Maybe wonder why people who consume garbage are sick?


Codename Taco 04.09.2013 12:13

What makes a gang leader a gang leader? You gave them an economic opportunity by creating black markets. Without the drug, gambling, and prostitution rings, there is no money, no paid thugs, and no one to be their leader...thus no excuse to waste money on incarceration. End the vice wars and you eliminate over half of the prison population. Prohibition is socialism, you're taking economic opportunity away from corporations and giving it to street thugs. Let the pharmaceutical companies make the opiate and cocaine. Let the hotels open brothels. Stop giving economic opportunity to every thug who wants in on it.


Butch Waggoner 03.09.2013 19:49

Take away their canteen and see how much longer this "strike" would last.. haha, you being played..


funkytowel 03.09.2013 15:15

A hunger strike with prisoners taking lots of Gatorade and vitamins so they won't lose weight, interesting. Why don't they just have a seafood only hunger strike? Murders and rapists don't like being locked up? I doubt that murdered people and raped women liked what they got. I have no sympathy.


Yolanda Salas 03.09.2013 07:09

I think the governor can compromise somewhere like maybe granting them a phone call, not just let them starve!


Sharon Storm 02.09.2013 00:30

gov moonbeam is a monster and re-creating gitmo in california. he knows very well that a lot of prisoners are in jail for victimless crimes and could safely be cut loose. he can keep the violent offenders locked up while still relieving the overcrowding.


PJ Butler 01.09.2013 22:21

Let Allah sort them out if they want to die. Let their death make room for others

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