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California sheriff asks DHS for surveillance drones

19.10.2012 20:34

If the sheriff of Alameda County, California has his way, the citizens of the West Coast cities of Oakland and Freemont might soon find more than just birds and planes soaring through the sky. Sherriff Greg Ahern is eyeing a remote-controlled drone.

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Rondel 09.03.2014 11:21

Cops being able to use drones hopefully will ask become a tool to monitor them violating the Civil and Privacy Rights of the citizens that pay their miserable salaries. But then again like LeNora Glover Robyn Nunu says everyone is distracted with the day to day BS and don't pay attention to whats really going on.


mergon 06.03.2014 09:27

I can feel a hundred balloons coming on along with a helium cylinder and thousands of feet of fishing line !


LeeNora Glover-Holloway Robyn Nunu 22.03.2013 02:43

Because they keep us so distracted with silly BS day-to-day stuff by the time we raise our lil heads it will be too late. That is their plan. And the previous commentator is correct, it is only the beginning.

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