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Washington DC shooting: LIVE UPDATES

03.10.2013 19:29

A car chase that started near the White House ended on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., Thursday, as police shot and killed the unarmed 34-year-old driver just outside the Capitol Building. Two law enforcement agents were injured in the pursuit.

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Kirill Zhikhor 08.10.2013 00:19

Allen Schultz you are wrong. Here is where copy and past these russion words into youtube search field Задержание банды чёрных инкассатор ов and you will see a clip 1:24 long which shows russion special unit getting armed robbers not one of them is shot not even a scratch - and this was a usuall day to day operation. Repeating they were armed and they had cars with bulet proof windows not one of them is killed not even a scratch and they were robbers armed and dangerous. My remark: russion police shot at the tires not the persons.


Allen Schultz 05.10.2013 03:17

She was armed with a 3,000 pound car, capable of killing anyone she ran into, including a crowd. If you are going to behave like this, you have to expect some consequences. Yes, it is a tragedy that she died, but it would have been a greater tragedy if she lost control of her car and killed a bunch of innocent people on the sidelines. Act stupid, take yourself out of the gene pool, and I have a hard time feeling sorry for you. And I'm willing to bet, that any citizen, in any country, would have been dealt with in a similar manner. End of story. She won't do it again, and another idiot might think twice.


Mike Diel 04.10.2013 12:45

What's all the time line silieness for? "02:50 GMT: Carey was born and raised in Brooklyn"
The only real story here is how out of control the police are.


Christy Spaulding 04.10.2013 12:14

I love how they say the little is okay. No the heck she isn't and she never will be thanks too these wanna be cowboys. If she had explosives in the car she would of detonated it at the end of the chase or sometime during the chase. Very disgusted with the way they handled this. She was UNARMED. Now if she was armed they would have her in custody. Now this woman is mentally ill. Who the heck isn't now a days. This government has made everybody that dang way. Obama is THE WORST thing too happen too America. Thank you for the idiots who voted this Nazi loving freak in the office.


Freesaxon 04.10.2013 11:47

Trouble is HYPE, bet they thought she was a suicide bomber, well what other excuse do they have ?


Freesaxon 04.10.2013 11:45

Looks like they were in a position to shot the tyres out, and they just stood there like dummies !


Rofak Zess 04.10.2013 10:58

Once she was out of the car they could see she was not armed and was no longer a major threat to anyone and they should have restrained her physically instead of shooting to kill. Just goes to show cops got panicked and became gun toting cowboys with no respect for human life.


Jessi 04.10.2013 06:17

The police are absolutely out of control.


ZT 04.10.2013 06:04

It's way too many unarmed people getting killed by law enforcement. When she got out of the car, they should have given her a chance to surrender before firing. It appears they shot first.


Pug-Lover Ky 04.10.2013 06:02

"This was an execution by pissed cops.
She was OUT OF THE CAR and never fired a shot."

Next time you're being chased down the street by a stranger with unknown motives, driving a 4,100 pound chunk of steel, glass and rubber at 40 miles an hour, just keep reminding yourself, "She's unarmed. She's not shooting at me. She's harmless."

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