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Chevron fights dirty $18 bln Ecuador pollution case

14.10.2013 16:58

On Tuesday, Chevron begins a racketeering trial, accusing New York attorney Steven Donzinger of using fraudulent means to win an $18 billion pollution verdict against the oil company in Ecuador. But its opponents say the firm is faking its case.

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Robert Olson 15.10.2013 01:20

yes chevron bought Texaco.. If they have a problem with Texaco then its too late. you can't sue something that doesn't exist anymore.. it like oh your long lost friend at the age of 2 did a crime now you are held accountable..


Robert Olson 15.10.2013 01:17

wow 2 billion.. do you know how long it takes for them to make 2 billion after all the bills.. a long time.. it says that BP make over 10 billion a year... well that before the bills.. even the 20 billion BP gave out was fake.. it was the USA. oil companies are no different then farmers.. alot poor then micro soft or apple. you don't see apple cleaning up its products from the environment or microsoft.. lol you don't see the hybrid companies cleaning up there used up products..


Penny Melko 14.10.2013 19:50

Sorry for a few typo's The U.S. denied entry of witnesses who were scheduled to testify into the U.S.

Lots of pockets were greased by Chevron to make this happen. These guys need to be taken to Ecuador and sunk into the mess they caused, not protected by our government.


Penny Melko 14.10.2013 19:45

Chevron thinks they're above the law and can destroy us all to get richer. There is an article in the September 13, 2013 magazine of California Lawyer called Full Disclosure. No Stone Unturned, page 16. You can get to the site: google callawyer magazine or callawyer dot com and look for the September issue on the right.

The U.S. also denied Ecuadoria witnesses who were to testify again Chevron a few weeks ago. Our country is in collusion with Chevron. Big problem.

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