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Chicago: 10 dead, dozens wounded over holiday weekend

08.07.2013 15:32

A series of deadly shootings resulted in at least 10 deaths and 60 injuries during the Fourth of July weekend in Chicago, many of which are suspected to be the result of gang violence.

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Anonymous user 14.07.2013 16:33

where are obama and holder? they go after zimmerman and blacks are slaughtering each other.

Anonymous user 09.07.2013 17:44

Hows that gun control working for ya Chicago!? Ya waking up yet?

Anonymous user 09.07.2013 03:13

Guns don't kill people ! People kill people ! This is no shock for people in Chicago or Boston .....

Anonymous user 09.07.2013 02:54

In WA State there are 410,000+ people with concealed-pistol licenses, and less shootings. Think.

Anonymous user 09.07.2013 02:52

Gun control in Chicago is NOT working. Look at the statistics in comparison to say Seattle.

Anonymous user 09.07.2013 02:12

Woops! forgot! reloading requires a bit of technical competence so your ghetto pets are out.

Anonymous user 09.07.2013 02:07

“Get rid of the ammo” Never heard of reloading old brass huh Doris?

Anonymous user 09.07.2013 00:48

Ban the freaking bullets. The heck with the guns. Get rid of the ammo.


Eric S Whitson 09.07.2013 00:06

I see those strict gun laws are working out well

Anonymous user 08.07.2013 22:24

The first step toward changing bad behavior is to not blame it on everyone except yourself.

Anonymous user 08.07.2013 22:04

They bee fo Trayvon.

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