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Hundreds arrested in US-led operation against sex predators

15.07.2013 19:18

US authorities have arrested 255 suspected child predators and rescued 61 children in a five-week sweep that spanned nine countries and was known as “Operation iGuardian”.

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Anonymous user 16.07.2013 11:37

Hey guys did you all miss the fact that sixy of them were in one state alone! Florida, thats nuts!

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 10:51

This is like Mcdonalds leading a march against obesity.....

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 08:02

Clergy and teachers? Didn't the church start the educational system? It was the scheme of our time!

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 06:21

One Nation under surveillance, with prison or gang stalking for all. Amen!

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 05:10

US have to do everything now to prove their surveillance on people as being good

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 04:53

Fantastic!... Now.. Take rid of them...

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 04:01

Give the law enforcement guys a bonus/raise/medal... something.

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 04:00

Good! Keep it up guys!

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 03:58

Don't have room in prison. Let's hang them all in a public showing.

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 02:58

Is the NSA advertising?

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