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Children exposed to more brain-damaging chemicals than scientists thought

18.02.2014 18:33

A troubling new study has found that the number of chemicals capable of impairing child development worldwide is more than double what was previously believed, according to a new story by Time Magazine.

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Pamela Davis 24.04.2014 20:41

I never thought I would get a job as an art-teacher well- there is so many learning disabilities coming up in the west the arts is becoming prominent due the HIGH amount of GMO and chemicals in the food north America- so SAD. If you look at the rates around the world we one of the highest rates of disabilities in the next generation.


Childlike Empress 20.02.2014 08:05

This is how they're deliberately "dumbing down" the population. The fluoride in drinking water and dental products is enough.


Eric Montoya 20.02.2014 00:02

Its a group of multinationals in the food/health industries and government agencies that conspire to obtain a profit of trillions of dollars globally. The system is complex to the ignorant and simple for who is competent. The world is smaller than it seems to be and therefore it should evolve more frequently, but, the system fails to do so. So, in order to understand with more precision and with a different point of view on how the system works, I decided as a life time goal in order to increase my knowledge is to learn a third language that is not English or Spanish. Today I will start the Russian tutorials on RT.


iz Ian 19.02.2014 10:52

What of the chemicals added to jet fuel as well as sprayed into the atmosphere directly, salts of aluminium, barium, strontium being the main ones?


Tuco 19.02.2014 08:36

Chlorpyrifos is also allowed to use in the EU.
No one should be surprised.
Banks ters and other poisons as a result of consume and capitalism.


Tony Crudele 19.02.2014 07:16

Sounds like Avis71 is another troll paid by the government to make these kinds of reports look bad.


Avis71 19.02.2014 06:22

Quote "Despite the researchers’ claim that these new chemicals can contribute to brain disorders, they admitted they could not prove a direct causal link between a chemical and any one health issue."

So what is the basis of this yellow journalism ?
At least the journalist should mention the source and what exactly leads the 'scientists' to believe to their conclusion.
The way it's currently written it's just gossip

On this website only a very few comments are critical of RT, most readers just seem to take for granted everything written.
RT removes unsuitable comments according their policy too often.


Steve P 19.02.2014 05:52

There should really be no surprise here. Yes the fact that governments and corporations lie is bad. At the same time do you think that they will ever tell the truth or even a good half truth? Their lies aren't even cogent anymore.


Gary Snyder 19.02.2014 03:39

Don't put much trust in Time.


Alex Semiletow 19.02.2014 01:47

Let us all collectively hold our breaths awaiting legislation banning these substances by our government who is so keen on keeping us healthy regardless of the financial impact these bans could cause to the big chemical companies...


Skizah Kozeax 18.02.2014 23:54

Thing is if the masses become aware will it change i mean theres plenty more where this came from ! Lets hope stuff happens and people grasp this thistle...

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