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Ex-CIA chief: Amnesty for Snowden idiotic, he ‘should be hanged by his neck'

18.12.2013 20:38

​A former head of the Central Intelligence Agency has said that anyone thinking about granting NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden amnesty is out of their mind and that Snowden should be “hanged” if he is ever convicted of treason.

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Shona Menzies 27.12.2013 15:25

The CIA and all their leaders as well as ex-leaders should be hung for crimes against humanity!


Ed Camilo 25.12.2013 01:04

@getacruise: What I find more staggering is the level of your own ignorance regarding the looting of other nations by the US & the crimes committed by the criminal government of America & the fascist gangs ruling the US. Also staggering is how brainwashed you are. You are just like most other simpletons living in america, without a clue but willing to support whatever propaganda you are fed. You rather look the other way while the US government commits all sorts of crimes, just because you are getting some bread and circus. Dissenters aren't allowed good jobs to prosper & their utilities bills are tempered with.


André De Koning 23.12.2013 07:02

Amazing this NSA man: does not understand how he undermines all good manners and human rights as well as international law. He betrays his own Constitution in order to find a few terrorists who are still stupid enough to use these forms of communications. The criminal, protected by a criminal totalitarian organization calling Snowden criminal: let's hope he gets what he wants to happen to Snowden!


getacruise 20.12.2013 11:24

For a fleeting moment I thought this was like a debate. My bad it is not. Its an anti-American hate site. But what I don't get is this...why are there so many of you sitting there bad mouthing the United States, while living in it? If it is better somewhere else, go there. What I do get is this, for those who think Snowden cool, you are lazy, broke and live within survival mode at all times barely able to pay your utility bills. You watch your neighbors prosper and live inspired lives and you hate them for it. He is just like you isn't he? You can change this if your willing to be part of us, not against us.


getacruise 20.12.2013 11:06

The level of ignorance on these comments is staggering. The stupidy and lack of regard to how free Americans really are is nothing short of an outrageous embarrasment. I am truly embarrassed for the people that think it is okay to condone the stealing of classified information and its importance to our National Security. Should he have divulged info. that can help change a policy or two is so trivial compared to the act of leaking it at all. If we encourage others to do this, where would we be in a short amount of time?


Spike Jones 20.12.2013 02:21

No doubt he does want Snowden hung, as Snowden uncovered the way people like him were breaking the Law. I say Snowden should be given a medal and put in a position to oversee all Government departmens.


Ward Damon Hubbard 19.12.2013 21:57

For argument sake, lets say that Rick Ledgett's idea did happen, and he did come back to the United States, the remarks by Hugh Shelton and James Woolsey, I find disturbing in two ways, one: because of the positions they hold or held in service of our nation, and the total lack of constitutional responability a clear business as usual thought, and absolutely no thought as to what the NSA, is doing and what is granted under our constitution, that is to say, that the ends some how would justify the means, because it for my nations safety and it's security, and two Michael Hastings


Jeremy Bouchey 19.12.2013 21:35

I think being hung by the foot might be a better idea x chief....


Capucine Altier 19.12.2013 18:17

This guy is out of touch probably didnt notice we no longer live in a medieval age


nagyelme 19.12.2013 17:36

if someone needs to be hanged by the neck it is James Woolsey and not Snowden, it is the criminal and not the witness against the criminal. Unless we live in a World ruled by criminals, which is not too far from the truth. And in this case unfortunately James Woosely will need to be eliminated by his gangster bosses


DS 19.12.2013 17:28

If there was any justice on this wicked little ball, Woolsey would be the one hanged.


Marley Engvall 19.12.2013 17:00

9/11 justice will be a test of the Universal Compassion and Understanding System. The human collective is to be the subject of this test.

Memory of this present Dark Age -- of artificial scarcity and perpetual war — strictly preliminary information, the full record of which can be brought to the test.

This is to be an open-book test.

With the decision to execute German prisoners, we failed the test of Nuremberg. The cycle of violence continued.

We can end the cycle of violence in this generation, simply by identifying the 9/11 criminals, and dealing with them mercifully.

War is over.

The test begins now.


Delete This Comment 19.12.2013 16:24

At least he's honest about what the feelings are for Snowden around Washington DC.

It would be terrible for Snowden to be promised amnesty, and then to go back home to a death sentence.

N ow at least nobody will fantasize that Snowden can ever return to the USA for the rest of his life.


Tessa 19.12.2013 15:47

"IF it can be shown a single American overseas is detained, then tortured or executed due to Snowden, the ex-CIA Chief is 100% correct. Obviously in the case of a terrorist attack similarly he is correct."

Are you counting the false flag events they use to terrorize their own citizens?


Tessa 19.12.2013 15:30

Woosley and all the other spooks that have trampled on our freedoms, waged unjustified wars, run secret OP's to play with other governments like toys, should face a jury of Americans for the crime of treason and a world court for crimes against humanity. Putin should be commended for being one of the only countries that will stand up to the US. And Snowden is a HERO.

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