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CIA consulted with Pakistani government in conducting drone strikes – report

24.10.2013 02:43

Pakistan’s top officials have not only had knowledge of the US drone program that is now deeply unpopular in the country, but have quietly been authorizing it for years, according to a report based on classified documents and internal Pakistani memos.

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Diez Sanchez 24.10.2013 14:28

So, your paid CIA consulted with Pakistan ,recipient of billions n USA so called aid & that somehow makes it legal? Isn't that still like"I talked to a guy who knowS a guy, & he said itS cool"! Never mind they are all on your payroll! Geez,ITS official ,that Israeli "exceptionalism " is a disease that spreads! Very infectious & the USA has a bad case of it! CALL THE CDC! The first cases started when somebody allowed a foreign country like Israel a lobby group , & a place at the white house table! Then like the movie with matt Damon "CONTAGION" ; , it spread & brain damaged , blinded & left deaf our politician's! Ha!


Saif ul islam Khan 24.10.2013 08:28

Well reports are correct may be but newly elected government in PAK won't allow drones not anymore because people voted for this party to stop Drones.


Yogesh Patel 24.10.2013 04:42

Pakis are tricky SOBs they will fool you again, and again. we Indian knows them inside out.


Guy Dods 24.10.2013 04:24

Once again the "exceptionalism " of the Great US of A! Pull all the troops, sailors, airmen, and all the associated hardware, back to your own country, line them all up along the entire length of your borders, absolutely no chance of anyone or anything getting past that! America will be 100% safe once again! Except for the "traitors" within those borders. There lies the problem!

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