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A split decision over circumcision

24.06.2011 17:32

Colorado lawmakers have decided to cut out Medicaid coverage for newborn circumcision, making them now the seventeenth state to stop subsidizing the snip.

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Jack Falcon 16.05.2014 22:39

this is all very silly most americans are circumcised.its traditional.original ly the ancients egyptians created it along with all science as the greeks claim so i think it will presist.the reason for it is more hygenic then anything. europeans don't like it but thats just because they love cheese


Wonron Kukumbachi 16.05.2014 20:03

Qareeb Alhaqq 16.05.2014 19:25

Male circumcision is awesome, I know I'm circumcised.


You are also an idiot ! Cutting of parts of a body is discusting and barbaric, and all because some psychopath in dessert over 2 000 years ago thought he heard a voice ...


Qareeb Alhaqq 16.05.2014 19:25

Male circumcision is awesome, I know I'm circumcised.


Robin Gaura 17.08.2013 11:48

Male circumcision destroys trust during the bonding process. The child is vulnerable, totally dependent for its life on the mother. So, what happens? Intense pain in the genital area! Welcome to earth, little man. Warlike cultures have to break the sacred bonds of love and trust among people that are learned first at the mother´s breast, and then in the bosom of the family. Its the first step of the process of perversion of the ethology of human development. There will be more betrayals and brutalities, don´t cry little man, learn to brutalize others, learn to kill.

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