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Director of national intelligence: Spying debate ‘probably needed to happen’

13.09.2013 15:20

The United States director of national intelligence said at a conference in Washington on Thursday that the leaking of classified documents by former government contractor Edward Snowden kick-started discussions in America that until then were overdue.

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William Hamilton 18.09.2013 04:46

All of these "beltway bozos" will just sit there hoping that if enough time passes the public will lose interest and forget. Then they will return to "business as usual" in DC. Not this time people...We all need to join forces and take back our government. In 2014 vote every congressman out of office and replace them with new blood. We can send shockwaves through government like never before and send a message they will never forget.


j.innes 14.09.2013 21:49

Free exchange of ideas means, if you get to know what everybody else is thinking, and doing, then it require this to be the same for everybody else. If that is not the case then one would assumes, one select group wants to be the "Knowers." Now the rest of us are not likely to be down with that because asymmetrical knowledge always gives an advantage, especially when there are police, or military, the power of state, behind it. Leaders have not proven themselves very adept at being all good. Even the last Pope chose to retire and the next one chose to kiss the feet of children prisoners.


Dave Krueger 13.09.2013 22:27

***Director of national intelligence: Spying debate ‘probably needed to happen’***

Yes, Mr Clapper. Let's make it crystal clear. The debate needed to happen because enemies of freedom and pricacy like you and your boss have been intentionally deceiving the U.S. Congress and public, abusing your powers, and violating your oath to uphold the Constitution. And you know what else needs to happen? You need to quit your job, fall on your knees, and beg the country for forgiveness (not that you deserve it).


jeff strehlow 13.09.2013 21:40

@LA Times World "Clapper cited the challenge of trying to track terrorists and other foreign adversaries who communicate over the same telephone lines, airwaves and Internet servers as Americans."

He's trying to make it sound like they aren't interested in US citizens who are dissidents. Of course they are. They don't like to talk about it, but the US government is very concerned about "continuity of government". If there is civil unrest in the future, they want to know who the dissidents are. They will be able to use the collected information to build cases against them.


Freesaxon 13.09.2013 20:39

Fahrenheit 451 ( The book )

If you don't want a man unhappy politically, don't give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none. Let him forget there is such a thing as war


Freesaxon 13.09.2013 20:33

In one word YES.
For they know in 1 months time the masses will chow down and forget.

(1) Retail therapy
(2) Sport
(3) the media

The Captain: What does Montag do with his day off duty?
Guy Montag: Not very much, sir. Mow the lawn.
The Captain: And what if the law forbids that?
Guy Montag: Just watch it grow, sir.


wesley humphreys 13.09.2013 19:27

Snowden reminds us that our founding fathers were spot on when stating we should be skeptical of our government. Especially when you have Jackhead Obama telling us to not be skeptical. You should always do the opposite of what they tell you to do. Or just do nothing at all. 1984.


Roland Lawrence 13.09.2013 18:14

Oooh sounds good. No doubt a presidential pardon then for Snowden and Manning if hes sincere...


Carlos Gomez 13.09.2013 17:20


ridiculous how trivial they make whats been going on ! An that they diminish EXACTLY how far over the F 'n cliff they gone ! Gee whiz, why its just another day in D.C. thats run amok ! ..."Boston Tea Party" time folk's....


Abdu Marquez 13.09.2013 17:01

This man is corrupt and lied to the senate. He needs to be held accountable for lying under oath and violating the 4th ammendment.


George Christopher Metz 13.09.2013 16:45

Snowden for president. Scr3w the NSA.


George Christopher Metz 13.09.2013 16:44

Woo, I'm now logged in as George Metz. RT the comments bug still hasn't been resolved :(

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