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Operation: Entrapment - Cleveland bomb "plot" masterminded by FBI agents

02.05.2012 18:58

Federal agents announced on Tuesday that they successfully thwarted plans to blow up a bridge in Cleveland, Ohio. What was left out of most reports, however, was that the FBI was instrumental in plotting the potential attack.

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Juss #Cle4 22.01.2014 20:05

You can find out more about this case through Cleveland4Solidarity .org. or @FreeCleveland4 on twitter.
It was brought up in court, that they never once Agreed to do anything, They also told Shaq (The informant) that they didn't want to do anything crazy or hurt anyone. It was against their morals. Shaq gave them jobs, a house, phones, money, laptops, alchohal, marijuana, and adderal. He was told not to do these things and did anyways.

Anonymous user 11.05.2013 20:06

I think I met the 2nd one from the left. He said he would vote for his dog for president of the USA.

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