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​Duke Energy waited 24 hours to report major coal ash spill into Dan River

04.02.2014 22:47

An estimated 50,000 to 82,000 tons of coal ash and up to 27 million gallons of water were released Sunday into the Dan River in northern North Carolina via a broken pipe underneath a waste containment pond, according to Duke Energy Corp.

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Stetson Griffin 26.02.2014 20:30

They wanted to make sure they got rid as much as they could befor reporting it! Typical murderers!


Waiting for Godot 11.02.2014 13:13

Mr. Kelter, Republicans have been at the forefront of every effort to get rid of the EPA. In this article, there are three attempts by state environmental groups to bring this matter to the attention of the coal plants owners! They were all blocked by your governor!

J ust how do you suppose it's Obama's fault??

Duk e will pay hefty federal fines to clean up what your governor blocked!


Mike Kelter 06.02.2014 15:53

It's a good thing for Duke that they are top Obama donors. Otherwise they would be treated like other polluters by Obama's EPA.

Duke will get its hands slapped by its buddies in Washington and that will be the end of the matter.


Seth Rohde 05.02.2014 22:54

Seriously, they want to say this is normal and there is nothing to worry about?
Why the heck do you have to store this muck in lagoons if it is safe and healthy and not just dump it into the river everyday because it is ok?
Why is no one really upset over this? Because it happened in a rural place? Imagine if Winston Salem or Greensboro decided that the Dan River was where all the trash tomorrow would go? Tons of trash just dumped into the river. Whats the difference?
No one else would get away this and yet Duke Energy will. So disgusting.


Junior 05.02.2014 16:28

Picture this in your mind if you can. The world is loaded with old tanks and pipelines both above and below ground that are slowly disintegrating.


Jamie Fales 05.02.2014 16:27

50 to 80 thousand tons of toxic poison enters a river used for drinking water but Duke Energy says "the downstream water quality has not been effected".WOW !!!I say we do a test.Make Duke Energy officials drink lots of that water and see if they get sick !!


Brandon Woodard 05.02.2014 12:57

Sarah Angelina DeLagostti 05.02.2014 03:30

WOW - What a mess ! When will it all end ??!


It wont end till we are all sick and or dying. 05.02.2014 05:05

I have added this location to our health and safety map. PowerPlantMaps web site and would welcome other issues posted to the map you find.


Sarah Angelina DeLagostti 05.02.2014 03:30

WOW - What a mess ! When will it all end ??!

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