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Legal weed comes to Colorado – but not its airports

31.12.2013 15:30

Colorado may be all ready to legalize pot smoking starting January 1, but the state’s not exactly set to let high flying travelers carry marijuana through its airports.

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Paul Pot 02.01.2014 03:52

Thank you to the good people of Colorado.
You are proving that there never was a reason for police state, military reprisals against cannabis consumers.
If that had not been proven already by 20+ yrs of decriminalization and medical marijuana in the US and around the world.
Mr. Obama.
Tear down this Wall.


Iqbal Halani 01.01.2014 23:40

John Denver was way ahead of his time with "Rocky Mountain High".


Junior 01.01.2014 14:46

I'm confused by the fact that the federal government is centered in Washington and they are one of the states that is changing laws.


Kevin mcHugh 01.01.2014 10:10

The legalisation of marijuana is to be welcomed. There is medical evidence that smoking weed can be medically beneficial, especially to those in great pain. As a recreational drug it is certainly no more, possibly less, harmful than the consumption of tobacco or alcohol. To hunt down,(persecute?), and prosecute everyone who indulges in the drug is both absurd and impractical. Law enforcement has far more important things to do with their time and resources. However, I do foresee a problem as more and more states and countries vote for legalisation: the dreaded taxman!!


Jeroen Schut 01.01.2014 07:59

Everybody should just pack a few grams. See what they'll do next. concidering the fact that the US builds more prisons than schools they will probably lock everyone up


Paul Pot 01.01.2014 06:08

Thank you people of Colorado.
You are about to prove to the world that prohibition was all a lie.
It will soon be obvious that business' that cater to marijuana tourists have far fewer problems than those that cater to alcohol tourists.


Brian Kelly B Bizzle 31.12.2013 23:23

Marijuana Legalization Nationwide is an inevitable reality that's approaching much sooner than prohibitionists think and there is nothing they can do to stop it!

Legaliz e Nationwide! Support Each and Every Marijuana Legalization Initiative!


Delete This Comment 31.12.2013 20:05

Is it still okay to smoke tobacco cigarettes too?

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