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Colorado readying for marijuana tourism

27.12.2013 16:06

Budding entrepreneurs in Colorado are attempting to cash in on the state’s new marijuana laws by offering weed-themed tours to curious cannabis enthusiasts.

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John Shearer 03.02.2014 16:03

Every time that nosey bureaucrats get their fat noses out of people's lives, the people get up and THRIVE.


Pieter Buys 05.01.2014 20:22

The possible uses of Marijuana is staggering; from durable rope fibres to clothing and edible seeds and very healthy hemp seed oil. Even using a paste made from marijuana which cured a little girl with a severe form of epilepsy. Make Hemp at least fully legal worldwide. The benefits far outway the negatives for Hemp.


cheryl 05.01.2014 07:38

What about buying pure cannibis oil? Can you do that in Colorado?


Johnny Knight 03.01.2014 13:14

They need to pass marijuana out in high crime areas across usa. everyone would just be chilling.


Philip Boese 02.01.2014 01:56

So, Chili Boots, how are you and your people going to save us from the tyranny of the elites?


Iqbal Halani 01.01.2014 07:28

Will John Denvers's estate get royalties from "Rocky Mountain High" Tours Inc


Jesus is going to win 29.12.2013 19:46

The destruction of the republic continues and the citizens don't even know it.


Chili Boots 29.12.2013 13:54

Because being paranoid, hungry and stupid is bound to defeat the onslaught of the Elites, against The People, don't 'ya know. There is Nothing to be stoned about, Today, Folks. Self-induced psychoses are the only real results. You might as well go live in The Woods: you have surrendered, already. Have fun, Morons. You are finished.


Norman Gates 29.12.2013 11:05

... ATTENTION: Going to Denver? Order some Cibdex CBD from 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup award winner for Highest CBD Concentrate both in Seattle and Amsterdam to maximize your experience. Lots of THC strains with very little CBD in them and you'd be wise to prime your cannabinoid receptors with Cibdex cannabidiol before you get medicated! Just go to hempmedspx[dot]com and order some federally-legal CBD-rich industrial hemp oil ...


Paul Pot 29.12.2013 10:08

Acohol is the number one problem in any tourist town and for any tourist business.
Alcohol is at the centre of every fight and there are a lot of fights around entertainment venues.
Marijuana consumers are far better behaved.
Your family and your staff will all be much safer when marijuana is legally available.
When business' wake up to that fact everyone will want to serve marijuana.


James McVaney 29.12.2013 03:10

To answer a few of the comments...
Eric h - No. The politicians are more on board with this than ever. And the biggest people lobbying against this are Law enforcement and ultra conservative soccer moms.

Rever b - Industrial hemp was made legal with the same ballot issue that made marijuana legal in Colorado (Colorado Constitution Amendment #64 -2012). Check out my faceb page for more info on this facebook. com / votehempyeson64


Peter Knopfler 28.12.2013 19:42

YES i have no Hemp complaints Alcohol is old and boring, doctors drugs make you sick. But pot not. I stopped fast foods Donalds, burger king wendys, wall mart KFC etc but pot ..not.


Barbara Murray 28.12.2013 08:33

Fancy that!


So Mile High 28.12.2013 07:10

Companies like ours are looking to show the best side of retail Marijuana through tourism: SoMileHigh[dot]com

Go Colorado!
Buy Legal
Smoke Legal


Rhys Kempen 28.12.2013 05:26

It would be nice if there was more mention of those that want to rid themselves of cancer or seizures with the plant rather than just painting a picture of carefree stoners.

In my country skin cancer/melanoma is one of if not the biggest killers. Cannabis oil can cure it in a couple of weeks.

Litt le is known about this though it has been fact since the dawn of time.

Pleas e report on those that will flock to Colorado to save their lives as well as the stoners please.


Reverb 27.12.2013 22:25

First, medicinal and recreational cannabis.

N ext, industrial hemp!

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