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Colorado votes for super-tax on marijuana

06.11.2013 15:47

One year after deciding to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, Colorado voters have approved a new measure taxing the drug.

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Gary David 28.11.2013 19:48

Legal to grow weed? Don't pay rediculous prices, just learn how to grow it. Marijuana got the nickname weed because it is a weed and simple to grow. Of course seeds of great quality might cost you some money but learn how to clone them and you will never have to worry about that.


David Loescher 22.11.2013 21:56

The system is broken, I suggest all of you watch the documentary "The House I Live in" It speaks the truth. Research oversea's policies and statistics on the decriminalization of drugs. They have only good and positive things to say!


David Loescher 22.11.2013 21:53

The only way for our country to legalize or decriminalize most substances is to tax them, the states that legalize them loose the power to seize monies and imprison innocent or addicted individuals involved in the use of the substance. Thus reducing federal funding of prisons and guards and law enforcement. This is why the taxes go to them because it throws the Fed out of control and off budget. Do I feel drugs should be taxed? Yes. 28.5%? No. I truly know the day that drugs become legalized and taxed will be the day cartels fall and crime drops to record lows. Government could get rich if executed properly.


Jason 22.11.2013 17:41

People are dumb, just to make marijuana legal you want these huge taxes. You still need to realize the greed even in weed. There are people out there that just want to make the money and they don't care about anything else. Do not let them come in and destroy marijuana. There is no need to have a sales tax. Tax the company that is profiting off of the consumer. The consumer does not need to feel the pain. If you don't smoke and want to see a positive to this in order for it to are a douche. Why must there be something in it for you? Why can we not have our liberty? This needs to be done right.


Grace Henley 08.11.2013 00:09

Hope there is an exemption for vets sick from agent orange and cancer victims .


William Geldernick 07.11.2013 20:48

un-chained and angry 07.11.2013 07:12

Greed is not good. Pot is a wild growing weed. Too much greed and more folks start going on 'nature walks'. Oh well...

Hey unchained, I come from a military family too. My father in law a colonol got out before Beruit and my bro in law thought Libya was bs. The people running this country are NOT patriotic- just as the NSA should more aptly be named the "International Security Agency" JFK R.I.P...


Dirty Toes 07.11.2013 14:15

Just charge less for it wholesale. It's the growers who are still charging blackmarket prices for a legitimate product. they need to learn how to grow cannabis with the same legitimate agricultural supplies as the rest of the legitimate agricultural world. and, stop using the the over-priced blackmarket cannabis targeted hydroponic supply stores. The mark up on fertilizers alone targeted towards cannabis cultivation is 10-20 x's that of the same products designed for the real farmer.


Darla Jeanne Peterson 07.11.2013 02:01

how about setting aside a fund for those killed by loaded drivers? Why do we need funds for police, if this drug is not a big problem?


Margaret Lynn 07.11.2013 01:37

I don't mind a tax, but that's too much, and Michigan will eventually do the same thing. I don't want to be pushed into buying Frankenmarijuana, now that the money grubbers are on it, full throttle. They'll figure out something to take the small grower out of the market, and even just growing organic for yourself will be a no go, unless you get a license. I would have liked for Obama to make provisions for medical marijuana in the health insurance act, since he is determined to make us pay for mainstream medicine, whether we want it or not, could've included this medicine in there, somewhere.


Chris Creamer 07.11.2013 00:59

Why should I have to get a license to grow it? Shouldn't we all be free and allowed to grow our own?


BenAustin 07.11.2013 00:09

I voted no on this. 28.5% taxation is NOT the same tax rate as alcohol as they originally stated. "Regulating&quo t; was just political jargon that equates to utter bullshit. Huge money grab for the government yet again...and yet again we're duped into thinking it's going to be a good thing. I really believe these "advocates" ; were stoned when they read this ballot measure.


Groovy Bob 06.11.2013 20:11

Mary Jane is the gift that keeps on giving. Now it's going to teach the US population about the value of taxation being used for social solidarity, not weapons and wankers.


Paul 06.11.2013 20:03

yeah clever there is an increase in crime specifically related to marijuana medical centres. google it if you think im wrong. im just quoting REAL statistics and im sure the people of colorado would agree.


Count Thoreau 06.11.2013 18:26

there will be a balance between the black market and the pot dispensaries :). the people selling on the black market will have to grow better pot for less if they will want to compete with the legal taxed mj... lol. yup- it's a money grab by law enforcement, if it will be taxed to be priced over the street prices. they don't know what they're doing yet, for it's a new thing for the policy makers... will see.


Roland Lawrence 06.11.2013 18:20

This is terrible news for drug dealers everywhere. People turning to buying state supplied weed. Im sure no one will miss entrepreneur drug dealers who mix cut glass with their weed to give it the illusion of better THC content. Legalising drugs is bad news for everyone in the black market supply chain. Of course having less people in prison making & a positive contribution to the local economy, freeing up police resources, better health overall & lower use rates might be something other places might want to consider. FTR I am a non smoker :-)


Darik Jay Thorson 06.11.2013 17:33

I think the high sales tax & invasive handling of it will preserve &/or strengthen the black market.
Mesa county seems to be blocking legalization for that very purpose - they advertise it's to protect kids but dealers don't check ID. I've heard much rumor that city reps etc benefit from black market sales & that's why they are working to preserve it.


R 06.11.2013 17:29

Thats right, Govt, gets greedy! does this surprise anyone?

Tax it so much that the black-market price will be cheaper than the legal pot!
Why should pot be taxed more than Alcohol??????
So meone please explain this!


Jâh'see Hüsan Snuggs 06.11.2013 17:29

Be certain and active in that your government grows the best and purest weed your spending dollars will soon provide! However, I bet there will be a dip in smoking, and then an amendment, bringing taxes down to 12% and 8%, respectively. I don't see a 25-28.5% imposition as productive to capital gain.


Nila sizan 06.11.2013 16:57

I would have thought one of the main aims was to stop criminals benifiting from their drug trade and thus a a tax
would be sensible one. As for law Enforcement grabbing its share, they have been doing this for decades taking their share,thats the only explanation of why drugs are so freely available

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