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Pentagon admits: Navy's newest warship can't survive combat

16.01.2013 21:49

The Navy is sending one if its newest combat ships overseas, even though the Pentagon knows the ship's guns don’t properly function and is unsure whether the ship can even survive combat.

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John Redmond 20.06.2014 21:30

I am a navy vet and I have informed many that the LCS is a disaster that should be scrapped. The Arleigh Burke destroyer first introduced in 1991 is more advanced than the LCS and much cheaper too. the Burke class design has made it easy to upgrade to current technology and with its Kevlar protected double hull makes it sustainable from direct hits.


squillaempusa 17.01.2014 05:27

the cronyism is so bad within the US military industrial complex (and elswhere in the US), that they don't even care if we have good weapon systems and equipment anymore, so long as certain people make money.


Mike Martin 10.11.2013 23:11

Great idea Pentagon- telling the world about the strategic weakness of this overpriced monster then deploy it before its ready in Asia. Now watch as some N.Korean IT students hack the mainframe then destroy the ship with small mines.Military Intelligence -two words combined that dont make sense !! Oh but thanks for the tax bill .Meanwhile Russia just keeps making what actually works.


Steve Perreira 30.09.2013 02:32

Certainly the my Russian brothers and sisters have problems with their weapons too, but they cannot borrow as much money to waste on over-complicated technology gimmicks.


Steve Perreira 30.09.2013 02:27

Sure, this news site is Russian propaganda, but we can learn from it never-the-less. For instance, I agree, this is a pretty ship, and would make a nice yacht for a Saudi Prince and his Russian mistresses. As for fighting with it,, best to leave it in shallow port waters and when it is sunk by whatever simple means our enemies might employ, it can still fight from a slightly more demur stature. Saves fuel too that way.


Andrej Rehak 02.08.2013 18:10

Jerry Daniele < Its certain that Russians have problems as well - thats human nature. But they never deploy for production a design they KNOW is fundamentally flawed. And when it comes to T-90 it is a economic solution to the army needs and a price to performance ratio that the Abrams could only dream of. T-90MS a further development is even better than M1A2 SEP. Russians are working on a completelly new generation - they were not satisfied with T-95 because of economic reasons, but they had the first true 5th generation tank. Now they are working on Armata.

Anonymous user 29.05.2013 21:41

BTW... squids nicknamed these Little Crappy Ships...

Anonymous user 29.05.2013 21:40

It's a Bush era project so keep Obama out of it. Congress kept funding for it (also Republican).


Jerry Daniele 23.05.2013 00:41

Here we go again. Everything the Russians build is invincible and flawless. I recall numerous incidents where Russian submarines shooting out of the ocean bow first and immediately after planing off all hatches fling ing open with black smoke and sailors pouring out!

Who are the numb nuts who write this horse manure?! More importantly one should be driven to ask the question, why?

Does anyone remember the invincible ceramic armored T-90 Russian tank outfitted with latest and greatest 120mm smooth bore, piece of caca, auto cannon? Shortly after the T-90 appeared the Russians had to come up with a new design.

Anonymous user 27.04.2013 03:05

I bet it they put the children of Senators, House, rep. and aboard they'll think twice about deploy

Anonymous user 27.04.2013 03:03

who cares for the the crew, right
they are all second class US citizens and foregn residents

Anonymous user 27.04.2013 03:02

ROFL, more money wasted.

wha t a joke of a country

Anonymous user 23.04.2013 15:59

Sad...we are forgetting basic tenets of ship can not be everywhere, and quality counts

Anonymous user 22.04.2013 01:31

amjad ali, why don't you go back to your cave and pray your stone god 5 times a day hahaha


amjad ali 06.03.2013 10:25

seems like america relying on china helping them with their failed toy

Anonymous user 04.03.2013 21:35

haha not so high tech afterall :)

Anonymous user 04.03.2013 14:56

US Military is starting to show the sign of Falling appart just like Soviet Union military did.

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