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Hillary Clinton's 'hacked' Benghazi emails: FULL RELEASE

20.03.2013 16:25

On the back of widespread public interest RT has decided to publish in their entirety a series of memos which were allegedly sent from a one-time White House aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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Anonymous user 22.03.2013 14:09

Its all a sham . Don't believe it. Obama wants the internet !


Jason Edward Prather 22.03.2013 13:07

How does it feel to have things in light you never intended to be in light Hill?! I hope every last thing you have EVER tried to hide so that you know how it feels! When your precious confidentiality doesn;t exist anymore then YOU will know TRUE equality!

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 10:52

The video was on the internet for months, Germany historically runs the "Muslim" *Brotherhood*.

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 10:28

Nobody knew about the video until Obama told them. Story's bogus.

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 10:21

This is a joke. The government produced these as a pr project for her. They make me sick. Booo.....

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 08:04

These emails have been contrived and leaked in an effort to help Hillary with the lies she told.

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 06:31

No, she doesn't uses AOL. She uses secure government servers. It is BS. Only idiots would buy it.

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 06:07

does the Secretary of State use AOL to discuss "secret". This whole story from is BS even the hack

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 06:01

Hillary left office on Feb 1st. Gucc posted an email dated Feb 16th. You people are stupid. HOAX.

Anonymous user 22.03.2013 05:54

Hillary lied, Guccifer pried.

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