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Obama to 'bypass Congress' on CISPA with cybersecurity executive order

11.02.2013 19:57

Unable to reach a deal with Congress, President Obama plans to use his power to exert executive actions against the will of lawmakers. The president will issue orders addressing controversial topics including cybersecurity.

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mergon 26.06.2014 10:09

When you look at the para military police you have now instead of the domestic police force you had you might be getting a clue as to what is happening in America ,and they are tapped into every phone ,computer and vehicle.

Yo ur mission Jim should you decide to accept it is to destroy any and all of their systems and give America back to the people , good luck !

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 18:23

He is a criminal by giving instuctions to kill and no one is in Gitmo Funny Isnt it!!


dbzwolle 21.05.2013 08:02

Encryption Dude you used the same thing in one sentence they don't understand! Author a decent bill then - an honest one! You using two positives to describe a negative being! This bill, if passed will not be decent nor honest! It's so the power elite can silence all the internet chatter and communication between the peoples of the world! This way they can continue their plan of Global Dominance! If there willing to start a Nuclear war to reduce population to controllable levels, just how far are they willing to go! There not worried they have underground cities to live in! Not of this EARTH!


dbzwolle 21.05.2013 07:49

He never slid this under the radar after the Boston Bombing, so, now he's telling Congress this is an Executive Order! So, congress when this man (Akhenaten) tells you I'm staying another term (An Executive Order) are you then going to stand up for America or lay down? You are getting dangerously close to your own destruction! Obama not going to keep you in his lineup, you'll be lucky to be even considered! You need to tote the line and fall on the sward! I guarantee if we don't stop this our children will grow up in a world of slavery! I could tell you where the children are going, and they know too!!!!!

Anonymous user 12.03.2013 19:50

Occasionally I wish this dude had been busted for cannabis. Violating rights & freedoms at will. Ha!

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 02:10

Obama just do it, put in place the martial law!! You don't the build up. Just do it! YES WE CAN! LOL

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