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Congress may vote ‘No’ on Syria attack

05.09.2013 13:56

While President Barack Obama attempts to drum up support overseas for a potential strike against Syria, lawmakers in the United States House of Representatives appear not all that likely to authorize the use of military force.

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fran7 09.09.2013 13:10

Congress should not let themselves be bullied by the warmongers. The middle east should be left alone to its own devices and USA aid should be stopped in its entirety. In the 50s the disgraced UK prime minister Anthony Eden lost his job for conspiring in secret with France and Israel to attack Egypt and gain control of the Suez canal. USA have already been injured by Snowdon's PRISM revelations in this age of so called transparency which now makes USA look very hypocritical and not observing their own constitution.


RayOne 07.09.2013 23:09

And, no separate laws for illegals. Get right or Get Out.


AkumaPhyre 07.09.2013 00:35

The people of the US don't want this, but will our congress actually listen? and even if they do obama might go ahead with it anyway, if they don't represent what we want, then they need to be kicked out of office. AIPAC is pushing hard for this because israel wants war with Iran. I feel that, that's the end goal Syria is just a pretense.


WorkTogether 06.09.2013 22:46

[quote name='Jing Yagunazie' time='06.09.2013 16:33'][/quote]
Russia & China don't want war. World economic & planet's health are in a dire state making another war senseless. Syria CW problem must be addressed stringently but peacefully with ME present alongside the US, Russia & Israel, which will bring better understanding & improve relations between East & West. UN must bring moderation to bear on Zionists in Israel to recognize Palestine as an independent State. Building together distrust between East & West will fade. We cannot boast world has become a global village when in truth we've made it a global ghetto.


Em 06.09.2013 22:43

US Leadership is basically using political corruption & it's nuclear arsenal to impose their will on the rest of the world. The Chemical weapons issue is their litmus test:
Choice 1 - Back down to our obvious lies ..or..
Choice 2 - Become our enemy.
Russian leadership appears to be demonstrating great courage at this point.


Em 06.09.2013 22:41

Syrian chemical weapons issue has at least served to show that America would have no great amount of support if they decided to start WW3. On the other hand they have accidently consolidated most of the rest of the world into a somewhat formidable coalition, not particularly sympathetic to the desires of the American empire.


NSA 06.09.2013 19:21

USA government should be careful what they wish for.
If the pending US attack an able the Syrian opposition to defeat the government. The remaining chemical weapons in Syrian may will end up in USA since the opposition hate the USA more than the government.

Another 9/11 brought on by US foreign policy.


Helical 06.09.2013 15:44

This is what Israel did to a US ship when there was a war in the middle east.

Why did Israel attack USS Liberty?
By Raffi Berg
BBC News

For former US seaman Gary Brummett, the 40th anniversary of the 1967 Middle East war has stirred painful memories.

W hy did Israel attack USS Liberty? By Raffi Berg BBC News For former US seaman Gary Brummett, the 40th anniversary of the 1967 Middle East war has stirred painful memories.


Tony Clifton 06.09.2013 12:25

Ruby Renae 06.09.2013 12:13

This war effort isn't about Israel. It is about keeping the petrodollar afloat and maintaining dominance over natural resources such as the vast gas field in the E. Mediterranean. If the dominant Washington Consensus felt that stabbing Israel in the back would help achieve that goal, they would do it in a heartbeat.


No stabbing in the back needed-- just canceling the $20,000,000,000 plus yearly extortion payments to the bandit state of Israel would remove the "rock in America's shoe."


robert 06.09.2013 12:24

I usually don't comment but as an American citizen I have seen effort. The neo cons beat the drum of war and everyone jumps to attention. The public was lied to the first time regarding Iraq and at what cost to the people the citizens of Iraqi and the untold families in the U.S. that lost son's and daughters, the injured the wounded. McCain plays poker during the hearing and laughs about how much money he lost . Not how we can resolve the thru diplomacy and dialogue. He is what is wrong with all this shoot first ask questions later.


amere-brush-hand 06.09.2013 12:23

US is constantly at war. Constant lies and propaganda by mainstream media keeps public in the dark. Orwell explained this well. As Martin Luther King said : " US is greatest purveyor of violence in history".

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