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Consumer Reports: Stay away from for at least another month

22.10.2013 15:56

Despite President Obama’s assurance that the troubled website is currently undergoing fixes, Consumer Reports is suggesting people “stay away” from the federal online marketplace for another month.

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Diez Sanchez 29.10.2013 15:55

The corps have used this affordable care act to cut workers to 32 hours to dump health care on tax payer! Now The corps are dumping all of ya with costly care on the government & cherry picking d ones with less cost! Another words gaming the well intended act to help d people, (just like bailouts for banks & funding war & drug policy for security) A fertile new ground where corps game d policy as middle men, keeping d profits& dumping d costly on to d tax payers! Yet another policy adding to d corruption! Corruption that pays (lobby)off ur politicians & mediatize anyone but them is the reason for our hardship!WAKE UP!


AzoSF 23.10.2013 05:52

It should be reported to stay away for abour 50 years, not a month.


Mike Littlefield 23.10.2013 02:42

Project of the us government - should tell you something.


ke4ram 22.10.2013 18:06

The new and improved "made in the u.s.a" free stuff!


Terry 22.10.2013 16:39

John McAfee, who founded McAfee Anti-Virus said this cannot be repaired, it must be completely made new. Just another Obama purchase that doesn't work. Remember Solyndra? This man need to be impeached ASAP.

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