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Cop cars to be replaced with drones by 2025

23.11.2012 19:34

Law enforcement agencies across the US are lining up to be among the first to use drones to serve and protect, but unmanned vehicles are likely to replace the traditional cop cruiser in just a few short years.

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robertstihl 05.05.2014 15:56

Question regarding: " Once one of the smaller can catch up with a targeted car, those individual drones would then be able to send an impulse to startle the driver " If such technology can be developed then why "startle d driver", why not disabled engine, or somehow make the pursued car come to a stop through remote electronic means? If a driver is "startled" in any way, he can cause accidents and kill, injure others. In this age of technology we surely have ways to achieve desired results without risk to harm. Btw, I have no issue beating homicidal maniacs and the like, but without involving innocents.


Ksaint3244 26.03.2014 15:35

Watch out Robocop will not give you a ticket but buckshot to the face..


mergon 06.03.2014 09:24

What is it going to do when it gets there ? is this the usual American thing ,like buy this now and the robots will follow ?,apart from being a UAV road block its c.r.a.p !

America is a citizens nightmare ,one mistake by a drone player and you will have 20 para military police type personal smash their way into your home shoot your dog or dogs kill some 80 year old man in his bed ,then realise they made a mistake and try to cover up their crimes by planting evidence to discredit you and your innocent family !


mergon 05.02.2014 14:23

America truly will be the end of us all !


John Washere 02.11.2013 21:51

out of touch with reality...


Pete Sysko 29.10.2013 12:41

" 'an autonomous, zero-emission patrol vehicle'..[with] 3D video to officers who can control the vehicle via goggles and voice command.”

if you can control the vehicle, it's not an autonomous vehicle. In fact, if the cop can control the vehicle, then anyone with the appropriate manuafactured set of signals can also control the vehicle. This will be a fun game. The police should be more afraid of robots than civilians.


Mr Vision 28.10.2013 19:01

It looks like these are very nice vehicles indeed, but when you're doing your work on the streets then you also know that most bottlenecks need human presence and decision making unless it's possible to have a healthy discussion about human rights, law and order with a robot. :p


Kesha Herring 15.08.2013 01:00

Wont they need less police officers?

Anonymous user 28.07.2013 23:20

RT is so stupid at times." This will never get approved for operation it's to faulty."

Anonymous user 13.04.2013 02:04

means more death, more drone error, more job cuts, more taxes. more problems rather than solutions


Alex Povolotski 26.03.2013 14:12

Robocop all over again. Who is going to make the decision on shoot vs. no shoot? Threat vs. no threat??? Google?

Anonymous user 04.03.2013 23:00

A coming privacy-free, controlled society drives this. Control of nature is not possible.

Anonymous user 04.03.2013 17:41

They can already read the year of a quater from space.

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