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Cops patrolling Facebook for predictive policing

11.03.2013 14:19

Just seconds after the trigger of a gun is squeezed, police officers in cities and towns across America are alerted thanks to the latest and greatest state-of-the-art technology. Up-to-the-moment accuracy isn’t always enough, though.

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Anonymous user 27.03.2013 02:30

How can the 99% beat the 1% and their police officers? Easy.
1 for 1.
1 for 1 = 98% in freedom!

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 03:05

Cops patrolling Facebook? That's no NEWS to Anyone. EJM

Anonymous user 12.03.2013 09:52

Use false web surfing, interests to throw off freudian profiling. Engineer false reality for them.

Anonymous user 12.03.2013 07:29

TIL people still use Fakebook and Twatter. lol.

Anonymous user 12.03.2013 02:18

Who has seen the movie "The Minority Report"? The police "precrime" unit? Science fiction deja vu.

Anonymous user 12.03.2013 00:46

A video camera mounted on a rifle in a remote controlled mount can make a very good shooter drone.

Anonymous user 12.03.2013 00:44

Just one more way you can get the SSWAT team into the Ring of Fire.

Anonymous user 12.03.2013 00:43

Thanks for the info. I plan to buy lots of firecrackers for the sensors to report as gunshots.

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 23:53

kcreighton=nice fiction. codenametaco=sad belief in "disposable citizens". Jesus open our eyes.

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 23:45

what r u worried about america if you obey the rules cameras look after u , wake up

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 22:54

Calculate gunfire by triangulation Canadian troops had this solved in 1917

No doubt a new US patent


Codename Taco 11.03.2013 20:18

The first major drop in crime occured about 2 decades after Roe v. Wade. The people most likely to commit crimes were attentuated from leaving their mothers' wombs. The second drop in crime occured after concealed carry permits came to fruition. Just as when the Berlin wall fell and the military industrial complex had to fabricate a terrorist threat, so too will the criminal justice industry have to find new excuses to pilfer the public coffers. The essentail citizens of any society are the engineers, scientists, and economists who are rarely the victims of violent crime. Why safety nets for disposable citizens?

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 20:07

Only use the internet for legal activities... everything else drop of the net

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 20:03

I would like to be an inmate of paradise. They messed up with me. I have only a butcher knife.~Kaela

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 19:48

I predict, due to budget cuts no real cops left just spy in the sky eyes and predictive algorithms.

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 19:04

well, I'd say it's time to become unpredictive ...


duncan lucas 11.03.2013 17:32

I never believed those SF US films of mind control of the future population.Who would think Hollywood would speak the truth?? How long to outright censorship on the WEB.Speak the truth and be jailed. I feel sorry for the young people who will never know at least some freedom.=Cradle to grave -watched =listened to=arrested. Buy shares in private prisons now.

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 17:29

I like man and I am man :D

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