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North Carolina police shoot dead unarmed car crash victim

15.09.2013 18:34

An African-American man in distress sought help from nearby police, who fatally shot him, thinking he was a threat. The victim's attorney believes his death could have been avoided had the color of his skin been different.

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Sam nguyen 30.01.2014 17:18

Eat too many factory chicken pigs cows and watch too many hooliwoods. Locked up inside the surveilance system


Genitcally Mod Ified 23.11.2013 14:01

The cop looks very angry indeed!


Genitcally Mod Ified 23.11.2013 13:59

I don't believe for one second that the victim charged at the police, that is they're excuse to limit the blame on themselves for the lack of understanding of the situation which led them to draw they're weapons and kill an accident victim, imagine there was a critically injured passenger left in the car, he was obviously running towards them for help but paranoid racist trigger happy young fools are to stupid to see this!!


The Man 05.10.2013 05:08

We desperately need a dedicated consolidated website that keeps these police abuse incidents in permanent public record and gives us a searchable forum to discuss way to stop the militarization of police. Our arms industry is so greedy they lobby to flood our streets with weapons of war to be used against us instead of for protection. Instead of firefighting aircraft and heavy equipment, we get tanks and armored vehicles to destroy our property. Instead of public safety uniforms we get our police dressed as SS Storm troopers or gestapo agents. Instead of guarding our borders, we get drones over the entire USA. etc.etc


Montel Paige 22.09.2013 14:51

I do not know what is sadder. The fact that this happened or the fact I just heard about this incident in passing and had to google it. :(


Jimmy Curry 17.09.2013 12:54

Those interested in positive change, join my mentor, Hotep Kenyatta, on Facebook. A better world is possible, and police brutality is a sign that a nation needs to change...


Jimmy Curry 17.09.2013 12:53

Sadly some groups are always at the bottom and victimized. In imperial regions, this group is often those that are darker skinned. Why? Because they are easier to identify, and thus control. Humanity must move away from imperialism, racism, sexism and come together. In America, while there are some very positive attritubes to American system, the discrimination and harassment/murder of blacks and other oppressed groups has not gone away and won't until more Americans get involved in ending it ! Our world, globally, needs a total change/transformatio n ..


Andrea Hines 16.09.2013 20:33

Thanks, nice talking to you too, take care.


Levett Prins 16.09.2013 20:20

I have to go now. Thanks for exchanging views with you. Take care Andrea and hope your country improves soon ... especially economy!


Levett Prins 16.09.2013 20:15

SA had a flourishing capitalist economy and different cultures had their own homelands. There are many dispensations of freedom. The US ideas of so called democracy is based on hippy ideas ie everyone is the same, people can decide for themselves what's right &wrong etc. It's lies and do not work anywhere in the world. But you do have some good folk that I feel sorry for.


Sam 16.09.2013 20:02

"Charging police", if only-I'd love to charge those goons. For all the henious acts they get way with on innocent people, whether they are citizens or not.

They'd learn quick not to misjudge any situation if their paychecks were at stake. "Paid administrative leave" is only meant to keep the questioners at bay while proper motives are conjured up for Charlotte's finest. And just who is paying for these malcontents to serve evermore justice that protects TPTB? The sheeple!


Andrea Hines 16.09.2013 20:02

But you may not have made it is what I'm saying. It's a good thing you found the help you did. You might have bled out by then. I apologize of behalf of the US running around bullying everyone. our capitalist culture doesn't work here, so many people unemployed, living on the streets, unkind, causing crimes to go up to feed their families. People idolizing stuff they don't need because of commercials so they steal that too. Bunch of brain washed sheep over here letting it happen to us. Yes I do apologize for our ways, if it was so great we wouldn't have to force it at the barrel of a gun.


Andrea Hines 16.09.2013 19:57

You keep saying charging, how do you know he was charging? No I'm not naive, I would have treated him with suspicion, yes I would treat anyone who knocked on my door with suspicion. Doesn't mean I would have called the cops and tell them who knows what. I would like to hear the 911 call to know further what happened. As an officer of the law if they are trained to just kill everyone instead of ask questions or shoot to injure first then I would like to know more about this training. As children they teach you in school to look for authority figures for help, the older I've gotten the more I see that just isn't the cas

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