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Cruiser collides with nuclear submarine during US Navy drills

14.10.2012 09:21

A US Navy cruiser collided with a nuclear-powered submarine as both took part in exercises off the US East Coast. The cruiser's sonar dome was damaged in the crash, but the incident resulted in no injuries.

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Anonymous user 27.06.2013 00:08

World Ward 3 is coming to bring about the New World Order!! The Age of the Beast os coming!!!

Anonymous user 23.05.2013 03:11

There is no enemy that can do as much damage to our weapons, as the builders of our weapons can!

Anonymous user 18.03.2013 21:37

The end of nations is near! Jeremiah 25:31-38

Anonymous user 04.03.2013 21:40

there is no need to destroy these ship and subs ... they just collide with each other...haha

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