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Judge orders the FBI to explain their Internet spy plans

02.11.2012 20:47

The FBI has been adamant about withholding information about their plans to ensure the government can access any encrypted emails or messages sent over the Internet, but now a federal judge says the agency needs to come clean.

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Ksaint3244 07.04.2014 17:52

Anonymous user 14.07.2013 05:08

It looks and sounds good on paper but in fact it is useless for people like me


Who are you? I read your post all over the place and some are agreeable and others are garbage but for the most part your very reasonable in the fact that my Country is garbage covered with a false image

Anonymous user 14.07.2013 05:11

like so many things in the USA- look and sound good but end up being all just words and appearance

Anonymous user 14.07.2013 05:08

It looks and sounds good on paper but in fact it is useless for people like me

Anonymous user 14.07.2013 05:06

meaning FOIA is only 'fancy decoration' that can only really be made use of by the well-off

Anonymous user 14.07.2013 05:04

cont'd 5:02 and I don't have the resources I would need to bring a lawsuit - I struggle as it is

Anonymous user 14.07.2013 05:02

cont'd 5:00 letter said I would have to sue in order to get my file - I am a struggling single mom

Anonymous user 14.07.2013 05:00

FOIA act is a joke. I filed the appropriate paperwork to get my CIA file - received a letter back

Anonymous user 11.07.2013 22:27

U.S. governments free email service just got caught with its pants down. Time for more updates.

Anonymous user 08.05.2013 20:07

Big-bro USA is out'a control now. Only the Meteor can restore freedom and liberty now. Wait for it.

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