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Pentagon's DARPA works on reading brains in real time

28.10.2013 15:37

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is investing $70 million to develop a new implant that can track, and respond to, brain signals in real time.

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Don Foster 28.05.2014 04:17

I was on my hotel balcony one night downtown Louisville KY and was witness to very high technology not known to public- since then my life isn’t my own.
They saw that i saw and that was almost 10 years ago- and I’m about finished with all of it.
People need to know what is being done in public - behavior modification using extreme technology never aired I have never even heard of it till I was witness to it. This makes it almost impossible to be believed. They are doing it -I became a target but before their finished I am a guinea pig


Don Foster 28.05.2014 04:08

They dress as military but use a highly advanced technology of stealth- and I suspect their not all American nationality - it seems to be a mix of peoples.
Their power is stealth and a public not knowing the high level of technology and advancement in electromagnetism- laser imaging- and Nano technology both mechanical and biological.
The extremely difficult part is when they use devices to harass for years – you can’t tell anyone- no one believes – everyone assumes your delusional- and they use this


Don Foster 28.05.2014 04:08

Similar technology but much more advanced is out in public and being used by what i can only assume is military or some arm of military.
And it has nothing to with helping people.
It’s in regards to behavior modification-and control.
And I know it is being used in Indiana as well as Louisville Kentucky (personal experience)
Area code 40299 and 47130- and even local law enforcement are involved
I was a witness to very extreme technology – when this happens you become a guinea pig and expendable.


Zina Antoaneta 09.11.2013 02:49

Do check out TITLE 50, Ch. 32, Section 1520a, It's useful info, everyone.


Zina Antoaneta 09.11.2013 02:33

[quote name='Ted McScorcher' time='28.10.2013 21:14']These scoundrels are destroying the lives of thousands of unwitting citizens through this kind of non-consensual research, and according to the US code IT IS LEGAL
Unfortunately, I am one of those citizens placed on a US gov black list given military contractors to experiment and develop the Directed Energy Weapons technology & mind control. With no family, allies, and alienated from anyone through a vicious denigration campaign, and naturally gifted with a fairly strong constitution, I seem to make an ideal target for DEW experiments. Please provide more info, Ted


D F 04.11.2013 00:48

DARPA - what goes around will come around -
So many mysteries even for you DARPA.


Mike Littlefield 29.10.2013 19:15

Actually, this program was ready to go ten years ago, but they tested it on Congress first and didn't realize that detecting no meaningful brain activity was the expected result.


rockyh77 29.10.2013 17:30

This will increase the number of perfect assassins. Trained by the military, under treatment my VA and oh my how could we know he would kill? It just happens they kill people vocally opposed to the administration. Like Chris Kyle. Nothing to see here just another crazy with a gun, keep moving.


AMS 29.10.2013 15:29

Fascinating technology comes out of brain science. And SUBNETS? That's clever. We do need to keep advancing, even if the path we tread can take us, by the decisions of the unscrupulous, down dark avenues at times.


Ed Camilo 29.10.2013 09:41

Actually they are just trying to make us all into robots.


Bitty1985 29.10.2013 09:12

this is sickening!! When will they be stopped?!

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